Thai With Ky…

Greetings Good Folks, I’m just drying off from the salt water mini surf, blend in some super clean air and blue skies surf session. Today was a good day! Up early, minimal email duties, mixing, rehearsing, water tai chi (surfers walk on water did you know?) and now off to a dad and daughter hit at the Thai Society. It’ll be Thai food with Ky. Good world spinning!

Peter and Kylie photo by Stef Sprague

Peter and Kylie
photo by Stef Sprague

Last week’s hurricane gig schedule leads into a much easier paced current week. Highlight’s previous were the True North Singers singing full blast involved harmonies at Mira Costa College and then the Jen Convention in downtown SD. The convention was a wild collection of young and old jazz heads searching for the truth in sound. I’m not sure if everyone found it but it seemed like they were at least digging the journey. On from there it was a stellar Dizzy’s gig with vocalist Sinne Eeg leading the way. Oh my, super gorgeous music and we’re talking about doing it again down the road. She’ll be living in LA on and off for the next 6 months. I’ll let you know…

True North with vocalists Katie, Matt, Sharmala, and Fletcher.

True North with vocalists Katie, Matt, Sharmala, and Fletcher.

Up for this week, tomorrow night my trio plays a show at the fantastic Fallbrook Library. We hit at 7pm and it’s free to get in. The library has killer sound and folks really listen there. Inland music reigns!

The highlight this week will be our 2 concerts with Camarada playing “Salt Water Jazz”. We’ve culled through my original songs and put together a program of pieces that are inspired by my salt water surfing adventures. Songs like “Uluwatu”, “Na Pali Coast”, “Musica Del Mar”, a brand new one called “Saltwater”, and we even have our wicked version of the Beach Boys hit “Good Vibrations” in there to bring it on home. The band is Beth Ross-Buckley on flute, Fred Benedetti on guitar, Gunnar Biggs on bass, Duncan Moore on drums and me on guitar. Look below for the details and the concerts take place on Saturday and Sunday night. Hang ten!

Camarada with Fred Benedetti, Gunnar Biggs, Beth Ross-Buckley, and Peter.

Camarada with Fred Benedetti, Gunnar Biggs, Beth Ross-Buckley, and Peter.

Last up for this week will be a free duo concert on Sunday afternoon at the Scripps Ranch Library. It’ll be vocalist Leonard Patton and I jumping in and mixing up the Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Hoagy Carmichael, Nat King Cole influences into a sonic whirlwind. See you there!

Leonard Patton and Peter photo by Kevin Kinnear

Leonard Patton and Peter
photo by Kevin Kinnear

That’s the rap for now folks and thanks for reading along…all best, Peter

Carmen’s Swinging Donte’s!

Greetings Music Friends, I woke up today and was thinking about great jazz vocalists and this lead me to a record that my Dad loved called The Great American Songbook (Live) by Carmen McRae. My Dad played this disc to death and us kids soaked it up even though the main attraction for us at that time were The Beatles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Jimi Hendrix. This collection of classic tunes was recorded live at Donte’s in Los Angeles in 1972 and includes Joe Pass on guitar and Jimmy Rowles on piano. Carmen’s a sassy handful and sings up a storm. I went to iTunes and with true digital magic, Jimmy Rowles’ quirky intro on “At Long Last Love” is coming to life in realtime and the morning is off to a swinging start.


Last evening we played a show at Mira Costa College with Matt Falker and his True North singers and it was a hoot. The vocalists are incredible singing really complex arrangements and pulling it off effortlessly. We’re doing it again on Friday afternoon at the JEN Convention in San Diego and I think the general public can attend. JEN stands for Jazz Education Network and click here if you want more info.


I’m tuning up my single neck nylon string guitar and readying the atmosphere for a solo guitar night at the Roxy Restaurant in downtown Encinitas. It’s all going on tomorrow (Thursday) night and it’s one of my favorite weekly moments. Hope to see you there.

Tuning it up and getting ready for the Roxy.  photo by Hiro Ikezi

Tuning it up and getting ready for the Roxy.
photo by Hiro Ikezi

The big news for this week, and right in line with incredible jazz singers, vocalist Sinne Eeg is joining us for a night of music at Dizzy’s on Friday night. She lives in Copenhagen and tours extensively all over Europe and it’s a real treat when she ventures to L.A. and from there makes her way south to share her sound with us. We’ve played Dizzy’s two times in the years prior and both have been super well attended and truly magical nights of music. She has a new recording out called Face the Music and it won the Danish Music Award for vocal jazz album of year 2014. For our Dizzy’s hit it’ll be me on guitar, Gunnar Biggs on bass, and Duncan Moore on drums backing up Sinne. Big fun ahead for this one! See you there…

Sinne Eeg

Sinne Eeg

As promised, the mixing and video editing are complete and if you want to see how the Christmas Eve 2014 Del Mar concert went down, click below and check ‘er out. It was once again a warm day and the sun was cooking the instruments, the mixing board was a frying pan, Peter and Duncan had weird looking hats going on, the band navigated some tricky charts with true professional valor, and the happy people of San Diego turned out in droves. What a great life it is delivering sound for a living!



There it is good people and I’ll see you out in the world, Peter

Snowing in Encinitas Today?

Hi Friends, it isn’t snowing yet but I remember as a kid growing up in Del Mar there was a day that little white snowflakes invaded our tropical coastal lifestyle. And today could follow the same path as the burr factor is in full force. Our 1930’s house is soulful beyond belief but it also lacks insulation. What’s going on outdoors is doing the same indoors. We’re bundled up and digging the holiday cruise time.

After reading a neat book about vibraphonist Gary Burton and his stories of playing with Stan Getz, he talked about a particular recording date with trombonist Bobby Brookmeyer called Bobby Brookmeyer & Friends. With the magic of the iTunes Store it was a cinch to procure and on this balmy last day of 2014 I’ve got a great jazz soundtrack to set the vibe as I spin some stories out to you, my trusted friends.


Yesterday was cool! I completely unplugged from the grips of keeping up with communications and business and instead had a great day in the studio composing a new tune for next month’s Saltwater Jazz concerts. It started with a new fancy guitar chord that I discovered and from there morphed into a full length tune that’ll be a duet with flute and guitar. Can’t wait to hear it with Beth and her amazing sound!

At the tail end of yesterday I started the process of editing and mixing the Christmas Eve concert footage. It’s a ton of work but when it’s done I’ll let you know. There were some good moments. One of our guests at the concert was Lizzi Trumbore who plays both trombone and sings. I first met her through Leonard who was giving her vocal lessons. She’s a super talented gal and now is in her first year of college studying music at North Texas State. She was a hit at the recent concert playing trombone on a few tunes and singing beautifully on “Had to Cry Today”. While she’s here on vacation Lizzi has organized two concerts this week including Leonard, Harley on bass, and me on guitar. Big fun and we rehearsed yesterday and we’re all set to deliver the goods. We’re playing Northern Spirits on Friday and Lizzi at Dizzy’s on Sunday. Look below for the details and hope to see you there!

The Lizzi Band at SpragueLand smoothing out the details with (left to right) Peter, Lizzi, Leonard, and Harley.

The Lizzi Band at SpragueLand smoothing out the details with (left to right) Peter, Lizzi, Leonard, and Harley.

Also up for this week is a Saturday night Roxy hit with young Kate Sprague, father Tripp and Uncle Pete. It’ll be a romp and there’s word on the street that Kate will play a few tunes on her brand new Taylor guitar. See you there!


One last deet, rounding the bend into next week look for a special Dizzy’s gig on January 9th with the Danish vocalist Sinne Eeg. It’ll be me, Gunnar, and Duncan backing her up and folks, she’s one of the GREAT vocalists singing today! Big time beautiful sound with high level scat singing note choices. I can’t wait!


Sinne Eeg

That’s it for now and thanks for tuning in. Over ‘n out from frozen fingers Peter…