Barometer Bustin’ Hurricane Humidity!

Heya Good Folks, hope all goes well and I’ll bet not everyone is in agreement with this thick air. Me and my gang are up at a beach house in Oceanside with cousins, siblings and friends living life in slow motion and the extra warm humid conditions are fitting the scenario perfectly. Hawaii comes to Cali and I’m all in! Surfing without a wetsuit, practicing up for some weekend gigs out on the upper deck overlooking the wide expanse of blue, and early evening walks to the pier with mind expanding sunsets. Our daughter Kylie is down from Portland too and that’s always an added reason to celebrate!

Thrilled to have Kylie down for a visit! PS, Kylie, and Stef.

My friend Billy had a water camera and shot this one of me from behind. Flow!
photo by Billy Stern

Super psychedelic sunset at the O’side Pier were nightly events!

After my return back to SpragueLand I’m jumping into 2 concerts planned for Sunday. First up, I’ll be at the Vista Library for a solo hit starting at 1:30pm. I love solo guitar and this place has a good setup for a music. it’s a free event. Hope you can join me there.

Next, at 5pm the same day, it’ll be Lisa Hightower on vocals, Gunnar Biggs on bass, and me playing a concert at the San Diego Dance Theatre in Liberty Station. We’ve got a great program planned including a few songs that we haven’t played in a long time. The classic Hendrix song “Wind Cries Mary” along with my funkified “Weird Science, Modern Times” are on the bill. We’d love to see you there and look below for the details.

The Trio with Gunnar, Lisa, and Peter photo by Barbara Rix

There it is and I’ll catch a wave for you before the week’s out, best, Peter

Plugging Into the Pulse of the Road!

Good Folks!

Metheny’s music is filling up the air and supplying much needed inspiration to find the right words. His tune “Sign of the Season” has this pedal point with some cool stuff happening on top. Good writing and good polychords. He’s one of my favorites!

I’ve been writing a bunch of songs lately and I’m not sure where they are headed but it’s a hoot finding out what they’re about. Today I had vocalist Stacy Antonel come over and join me in recording this is old fashioned ditty that was written a month ago —sonic time travel revelation 36! I came up with the music and “Coronado Pete” (Peter Rahill) wrote the lyrics. Good times at SpragueLand!

New song creation at SpragueLand with (left to right) ‘Nado Pete, Stacy, and me.

We had a couple of great concerts last week starting with a creative gathering at the new Java Joe’s in Old Town. It was Nina Francis at the helm along with Leonard Patton, Gregory Page, and myself. The flow diagram went like this: each vocalist had a song and then passed the baton over to the next. Loads of variance in styles and timbre and great camaraderie and banter. What a fun mix up!

Jammin’ at Java’s with Gregory Page, Leonard, Nina Francis, and me.

On Monday night we had a sold out show at the NC Rep Theatre in Solana Beach. What a great space, sort of perfect size with audience close and enthusiastically involved. Great sound in there too and the good news is that they’ve asked us back for next year. I’ll try and keep the double neck guitar tuned until then—challenge with metal fighting the elements.

Up for this Friday at noon is a guerrilla hit with Leonard and I occupying downtown with some sound. We’ll be outside the building at 550 W. C Street plugging into the pulse of the road and attempting to translate it into meaningful music. Join us if you can!

Jammin’ the last time we we’re at Northern Spirits with Harley, Leonard and Peter.

Rounding the bend into next week on Monday evening Tripp, Leonard, and I are playing a free outdoor concert at the Point Loma Westminster Church. We’re thrilled to once again be invited to share our journey with music. The folks are cool and the setup embraces the magic of summer in Cali. Tripp’s daughter Kate is going to join in on a few songs and Stacy said she was coming and we’ll have her up to sing that new tune we just recorded today. She has a beautiful sound and feeling to her voice. Stoke central folks! See you there I hope…

Last summer in Pt. Loma launching sound into the summer eve with Tripp, Leonard, Kate and I.
photo by Dwight Harrington

Warm ocean
warm feet
going sideways
heading south on a bead of water…

Last week’s saltwater skim…

There it is with warm wishes to you all, Peter

The Energetic World of Travel!


Oh I’ve been missing my airport time lately. The seamless drop-off at the curb, those super short check-in lines, the cheerful clerks ever so eager to let me board with the guitar knowing that it’s a cherished instrument, fragile beyond belief. And best of all, the whole TSA experience is right up there with a trip to Disneyland! Taking off shoes, doing a little show ’n tell with the contents in my backpack, and of course the kinky pat down. And once on the plane, can you believe how calm everyone is as they find ample space for the carry-on? And even though you’re kind of tall, there’s plenty of room for your legs as you sit for the 5 hour flight.

Happiness in the air!

We’re bringing the music to the place the we all love to hate! Terminal jazz for those who are arriving and for those that just can’t get enough of the magic of the airport. It’ll be me, Matt Smith on drums, and Justin Grinnell on the bass, playing together on Thursday. Considering leaving the solitude of home for the energetic world of travel and we’ll supply the soundtrack for free. Details are below…

Next up for this week we’re heading to Old Town for a show at Java Joe’s on Sunday night. Vocalist Nina Francis leads the way and it’ll be great night of jazz singers in the round. Leonard is in the loop along with Gregory Page. Super cool varied songs, each vocalist doing their thing, me getting to add into the beauty. Hope to see you there.

The last up for this week is a special concert on Monday night at the North County Rep in Solana Beach. They contacted me about presenting some music on a night when the theatre production is taking a rest. Hence, Monday night jazz with Tripp on sax and flute, Leonard singing and playing cajon, and me on the double neck guitar. The space is nice for music and the sound will be paramount. Check us out if it all works…

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

That’s the story for this week. Anyone seen my passport and boarding pass?

adios, Peter