Folks, super trippy Cole concert last week!

Live in Encinitas with (left to right) Gunnar Biggs, Tripp Sprague, Rebecca Jade, Peter, and Duncan Moore.

Live in Encinitas with (left to right) Gunnar Biggs, Tripp Sprague, Rebecca Jade, Peter, and Duncan Moore.

More on this to come!

For this week Leonard and I are playing a house concert in East County. We tuned them up last year and what fun! Great setup, food, folks really listen, all good things for a magic Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you there.

Casa Tortooga House Concert – San Diego, CA

all the best, Peter

Living Life in Rubato

Hi Good Folks, coming to you at 8:30 in the evening and this is unusual. Usually it’s 8:30 am, first thing in the morning.

I initially set out on the early course but first I had to combat the email stream that had been building up. I’ve been immersed in arrangements of Cole Porter’s music (more on this later) and letting other things slide. Then, the pacific ocean which has been asleep for months, finally woke up today with a few actual rideable waves. I really needed to get away from the digital domain of screens and mouse clicks and go full analog mother earth nature on the whole deal. Next I needed to have my fingers and ears engaged with the guitar and from there it was a magical Kylie daughter dinner on the deck. Alliteration “D” ride! And topping it off, a frozen yogurt, downtown Encinitas hang!

And that brings us up to the present moment.

I’m thinking about this gal that plays the harp and records in my studio. She’s living her life in rubato. You know that scene of serenity where the harpist plays floaty, gentle music as life goes on around her? She’s free of the click track, arriving at the next bar whenever it feels right.

rubato — the temporary disregarding of strict tempo to allow an expressive quickening or slackening, usually without altering the overall pace.

And that got me thinking about Kylie and her cool friend Lizzy (whose visiting now from Portland, Maine) and how college is done and the next thing hasn’t happened yet. They are at this rare moment of life, set to the tempo of — rubato. Digging the freedom from the metronome! We all know that’ll come later (and it’s a groove too grinding into the kick drum of being human) but for now, float on sister, float on!

Kylie on the left and Lizzi ruminating in rubato!

Kylie on the left and Lizzi ruminating in rubato!

Last week we had a wonderful concert at the Sunset Temple Theater with Allison and the troops. Great music and vibes!

Allison and at the Sunset Temple Theater last week! With (left to right) David Burnett, Josh Nelson, Edwin Livingston, Dan Schnelle, Allison Adams Tucker, and Peter. photo by Claudia Russell

Allison at the Sunset Temple Theater last week! With (left to right) David Burnett, Josh Nelson, Edwin Livingston, Dan Schnelle, Allison Adams Tucker, and Peter.
photo by Claudia Russell

For this week, the big news is

planetcoleporterI’ve gone to great lengths to instill some funk, samba, salsa, and jazz into the classic melodies and lyrics of Cole Porter. The tunes start out incredible and it was a hoot letting them loose with my imagination to see where else they could travel. Some of them are normal and some of them just plain aren’t, but in a good way I think. Actually, you can be the judge as I’m laughing all the way to Tin Pan Alley!

And the band is stellar including the really magnificent Rebecca Jade on vocals, Tripp on sax and flute, Gunnar on bass, Duncan on drums, and me on guitar.

We’re bringing the newly discovered Planet Cole Porter to the Encinitas Library this Sunday for an evening concert (including complimentary wine with a ticket purchase). Look below for the details.

Can’t wait!


The last news of the week is my good man Geoffrey Keezer — piano avatar — is pairing up with some incredible musos for a concert at the Auditorium at TSRI in La Jolla on Saturday night. He’s got Hawaiian slack-key guitar master Keola Beamer, brilliant Canadian vocalist Gillian Margot, NYC jazz vibraphonist Joe Locke, and fellow GRAMMY-nominated singer Denise Donatelli in the lineup. It’ll be a fantastic evening and I plan to listen and thought it’d be cool to let you all know about it too.

Here are the details.


That’s it folks and as the click track continues to ride my schedule, I’m cool with it. Today’s rubato interlude in the wild blue has me evened out.

all best, Peter

Anti Ennui!

Friends, this isn’t me or my life:

a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.

In fact I’m leaning towards being overly occupied. My calendar is busting at the seams and I’m LOVING it! Bring on the music, let the south swells loose and make their way to the Encinitas beaches, show me the menus of all those cool veggie haunts so my family and I can zane out on new tastes and camaraderie.

It’s a good life!

The reason I bring it up is because I’ve been immersed in all things Cole Porter-ian. We’ve got a concert next week and I’m exploring his music, shaping it up to fit into our vision of jazz, funk, and samba. It’s a stretch and it’s a joy whirling around his extremely clever and creative world.

We’re opening the concert with this verse:

My story is much too sad to be told
But practically ev’rything leaves me totally cold
The only exception I know is the case
When I’m out on a quiet spree
Fighting vainly the old ennui
And I suddenly turn and see
Your fabulous face….

And that’s where I discovered ennui.

Viva revolution anti ennui!

Here we go with "Just One of Those Things" and our rehearsal is next week. Can't wait to hear how it sounds!

Here we go with “Just One of Those Things,” stirring it up, aiming for new sonic vistas…

This week I’m playing a bunch of solo guitar private gigs so unfortunately I’ll miss you there. But here’s my one public concert and it’s going to be a hoot. Allison sings beautifully and the band including Josh Nelson on piano, is stellar! Hope you can make it out for a wonderful night of new music…


SAN DIEGO Fri 9/16 8PM, Sunset Temple Theater (North Park)
Jazz88.3FM Live Recording – Be part of the radio broadcast “San Diego Sessions Live” program, Emceed by DJ Claudia Russell
Dancers: Tango duo Daniella Carlson & Miguel Reynaga, contemporary ballet dancers from Stage 7 Dance Studio
Band: Josh Nelson piano, Edwin Livingston bass, and Dan Schnelle drums, Peter Sprague guitar, David Burnett bass clarinet/sax.
GET TICKETS: (Ticket sales close midnight, the night before show)

All right good people, I’m off and running, back into the studio to talk with Cole Porter and pick up his clues on a new way to present “Love For Sale”.

all the best, Peter