The S&S Influence

Fantastic Folks! Coming to you with the influence of saltwater and sun and it’s a nice way to welcome the new week. Mini surf but pure magic down there nevertheless. What a place to live and call home!

Leonard and I played the Solterra Winery last eve and it was a super cool gig. It was Sunday so the place wasn’t noisy and folks were listening and the food and ambience was off the Richter! We’re going back there next month and I’ll talk up the gig more then. It’s 4 blocks from my house and their beet salad is life changing!

This week it’s a short note as tomorrow Leonard and I are starting our duo recording sessions and if talent and luck come together, by the end of the week we’ll have a new disc. Today I’m practicing parts and also plugging in the guitar rig and mics and doing a few experiments. The challenge is that I’m playing guitar and at the same time running the board. And with Leonard in the other room I’m also hooking up the vid camera so we can see each other as we jam…Cool beans at SpragueLand!

Leonard and Peter last week at Palomar College. photo by Rachael Kolb

Leonard and Peter
photo by Rachael Kolb

The Roxy revolution of six strings and friends continues on Thursday night in Encinitas. I’ll be at the Roxy at 7pm playing solo and this I love. See you there!

Friday night vocalist Lisa Hightower is back in the loop with us at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. Gunnar will be playing bass and together we cruise that sonic magic carpet ride called jazz music. Hop on for the ride to nirvana in sound and see you there!

The Trio with Gunnar, Lisa, and Peter photo by Barbara Rix

The Trio with Gunnar, Lisa, and Peter
photo by Barbara Rix

happy trails, Peter

Bongo Martini in the Wee Small Hours of the Morning!

Greetings Good People, for some reason today is all about Frank Sinatra. On my recent trip to Portland the folks that run the jazz festival gave each of us artists a gift bag with various culinary and literary treats. I’m finally getting around to reading the Jazz Times magazine that was included and the whole issue is devoted to Frank Sinatra. Some killer stories and photos and I’m gaining some new insights on the dude that dominated my father’s vinyl record evening ritual. It was a chilled martini, bongos and Frank singing “Nice n’ Easy” at full volume. As I listen now I’m traveling back to Del Mar, circa late ’60’s and Frank’s crooning never sounded better…


Last week’s gig with Sinne Eeg was a true hit — gorgeous music, great turnout, killer sound and I’m inspired to continue the revolution. I’m hunting for a few other opportunities to include her before she heads back to Denmark in June. What a vocalist, wow!

Here’s a video of one of the tunes that night.


Sinne photo by Mark Keller

photo by Mark Keller

The final bow with Gunnar, Sinne, Duncan, and Peter photo by Steve Grant

The final bow with Gunnar, Sinne, Duncan, and Peter
photo by Steve Grant

The plan for this week is first up, another soulful hit at The Roxy on Thursday night. It’ll be solo guitar for the first set and then the rest of the evening includes the various Encinitas merry pranksters joining in. Big fun!


Friday it’ll be Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock in concert in downtown SD. I’ll see you there!

Saturday night we’re back at The Roxy and this time it’ll be featuring young Kate Sprague and my brother Tripp. Kate’s been working on a few new ones playing the guitar and singing at the same time and what a joy to be included. Hope you can make it out…


Vocalist Leonard Patton and I are recording a new CD next week, just the two of us. We’ve been having great times as a duo and figured it was time to document our sonic angle on things. I’ve written two new pieces for the project plus we’ll add the gems that we’ve been riding on over the last couple of years.

On Sunday night we’ll play this material at a brand new venue for us. It’s called Soltera Winery and it’s right down the street from where I live in Leucadia. Come out for a sweet night of apparently great food and I know it’ll be nice music. Look below for the details….

Leonard and Peter last week at Palomar College. photo by Rachael Kolb

Leonard and Peter last week at Palomar College.
photo by Rachael Kolb

Holly Hofmann is organizing an ongoing Friday evening jazz guitar trio gig at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley. I’ll be playing it in May but here’s the flyer if you have an interest because it’s an ongoing thing.


Any fans of vocalist Emily Elbert out there? Send me an email if you have a possible interest and I’ll fill you in on a possible secret upcoming concert.

There it is folks, Frank continues to croon, the martini’s half full and the bongos are quieting down a touch. Life is great!

adios, Peter

Scandinavian Cowboy Jazz!

Heya, this morning Sonny Rollins is Way out West! He’s always been one of my favorites and today’s he’s bringing on the new day with sassy cowboy jazz. He’s got Ben Webster and Charlie Parker influencing his lines but then he adds a wry sense of humor into the mix and that’s how you get Sonny Rollins into your life. He’s been one of my main mentors and sometimes a couple of months go by and I don’t hear him. The imbalance gets to be too much and then I line up all of his tracks in iTunes and even out with his gorgeous tone and darting lines. Today happens to be one of those equalize the world / Sonny Rollins days…


Vocalist Sinne Eeg hails from Denmark and she’s living in LA for six months exploring the music scene up and down the west coast. Tomorrow she’ll be joining bassist Gunnar Biggs, drummer Duncan Moore, and me on guitar for a concert at the Rancho Bernardo Library. They have an ongoing jazz and classical music series and have a nice space for live music. I’m thrilled to have Sinne in the loop and she’s one of my favorite vocalists ever. She has an amazing sound and her musical phrasing is golden. We play a few jazz standards, some of Sinne’s original music which traverses from bossa nova to even a neo-country tune (Scandinavian cowboy jazz). We’ve got a few of my originals in there too. Join us for a FREE concert and I know you’ll dig the music.


On Thursday I’ve got a double hitter with the first up finding us at Palomar College for a noon time concert. It’ll be vocalist Leonard Patton and I searching for truth in sound, hanging out with the kids and actually, these concerts are open to the general public too. Leonard and I are making at duo recording at the end of the month and so this show is a little preview of the album to come. Hope to see you there!

Leonard and Peter winning in Chula Vista! photo by Kevin Kinnear

Leonard and Peter jammin’.
photo by Kevin Kinnear

Thursday night is a Roxy Restaurant Bohemia music fest with solo guitar morphing into a second set of a cast of gypsy’s sitting in and stirring it up. Wild and illegal. Look below for the details.

I’m pointing the car towards Poway on Saturday to make my way, ouch, I’ve got a rhyme going and it’s veering out of control. I’ll stop, (got in trouble with this semantic behavior a few years back). So, on Saturday I’m playing a solo guitar concert at the Poway Library and it’s a FREE gig. It’s at 2pm and for me these are really great musical moments with the pristine quiet element in full play and the entire sonic spectrum available and anxious to be explored. Get your rhyme gear on and come on out!

Happiness is playing the guitar! photo by TJ Best

That’s the word for now and Sonny’s still at it, now chunking along with “Alfie’s Theme”.

good times, Peter