Live and Breath 100 Degrees Fahrenheit!


Where do you go when it gets hot? The desert of course and that’s us this weekend. We’re taking the circus out to Palm Desert to share the good word of jazz for those who live and breath 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s been an amazing coastal combo of super warm plus great surf. It’s the heyday of summer all over again and I’m in heaven. Lets parlay that into a mini weekend tour and we’re talking the paramount of the Cali experience!

First up it’ll be Tripp, Mack, Duncan and I heading out to Palm Desert on Saturday night for the most unusual venue setup of Pete Carlson’s Golf Shop. Picture this, Pete runs a super successful golf business and then transforms his main room, moves clubs and clothes, setups up a sound system and backdrop, and now it’s a jazz club seating around 75 jazz lovers. The music takes off ‘cuz Pete’s a good host and lets the music go where it wants. Two sets of burn, shake some hands and say hi to friends, wrap it all up in time to open for a busy Sunday the next day. Hat’s off to Pete for making it happen week after week and we’re thrilled to be in the loop. Come and hang with us if you can and if you can’t, maybe share the news to your desert connections. Thanks on this!

PS last summer at the Leucadia Park concert.
photo by Daniel Audick

From the desert on Sunday morning we pack pack up the car and head to the Newport Coast for an afternoon house concert featuring the music of Planet Cole Porter. That’s Rebecca on vocals, me on guitar, Tripp on sax, Gunnar on bass and Duncan on drums. We’re all sharpened up from our last week Merc gig and this one ought to take off from where we left off. Can you say “It’s Delovely”?

The concert starts with food and drinks and is held at a beautiful house near Newport Beach. All are welcome to be part of it and look at the poster for details. It’s selling well but at this time there’s still space if you want to come. Hope to see you there!

This was last week at the Merc with PS, Gunnar, Tripp, Rebecca, and Duncan.
photo by James Casper

That’s if for now. The Santana winds are blowing and the ocean is calling…

all best, P

Birth of the Sizzle

Heya Folks,

Young Miles is exploring Birth of the Cool, playing “Budo” and Mulligan just blistered through the changes on the big baritone sax. What a tune, love that shout phrase at the end of the solos! Cool jazz for a sizzling beach day here on the west side of things. It’s a nice setting for the music report from SpragueLand.

Last weekend Fred and I had an inspiring house concert gig in Solana Beach with traveling guitarist Muriel Anderson. It was my first time to hear her and she was playing a harp guitar which is a major deal, managing a zillion strings. And her musical feel and textures were really cool. What a nice person too! And it’s always a holiday on ice playing music with Fred. We had some duets and we played solo too. Good times raising funds for the Guitars in the Classroom Organization—new uke’s coming to the kids hands!

Group photo at the end of the concert! That’s Jessica Baron on the far left and she IS Guitar’s in the Classroom. That’s Muriel in the center and you know Fred and I. The other two folks are the kind ones who opened up their house for the event.

Coming together for this week in live gigs, first up is a library duo hit with flautist Beth Ross Buckley and me. It’s on Wednesday at 6:30pm at the University Library and it’s free. Look below for the details and zip out if you can!

Beth Ross Buckley and Peter Sprague

Next up, we’re bringing the Cole Porter Circus to Temecula on Thursday night! That’s Rebecca singing, Tripp on sax, Gunnar the bassman, Duncan drumming, and me guitar-ing. We’re at The Merc and it’ll be a creative exploration through the special tunes of Cole Porter. Can’t wait!

And rounding the bend into next week, the Planet Cole Porter entourage takes on Newport Beach on 10/29. It’ll be this cool house concert that we played at last year and it’s food, drink, concert music (us) all set in a gorgeous big house. You’re invited and encouraged to join us and look below if this sounds like it’ll work. If you know folks up that way, please pass along the info and they’re invited too!

Planet Cole Porter with (left to right) Gunnar Biggs, Tripp Sprague, Rebecca Jade, Peter, and Duncan Moore.

That’s it friends! Boplicty Miles and Lee Konitz signing off…

best, Peter

Paid Meditation

Greetings Friends!

Tomorrow I’m solo guitar slinging it at Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar. It turns out to be a wonderful moment of paid meditation! Folks pass by and take a little notice, I improvise a passage. Next it’s a kid in a carriage pushed by his mom, I try out a blues scale. A little of this and that— a sonic poem. Come and join in if it seems right.

Paid meditation!
photo by Rachel Fawn

On Friday night we’re playing a Guitars in the Classroom benefit concert in Solana Beach featuring guitarist Muriel Anderson. She’s a world class player and she’ll play some harp guitar along with a few duets with me and Fred Benedetti. It’ll be a fun night of music set in a big house with good sound and enthusiastic people. Hope you can join us and know that the money raised will help spread the good word of music in some of the local schools.

And last week the surf was UP! Here’s me at Beacons on Saturday morning balancing on a blue beauty.

PS at Beacons…

all the very best, Peter