Stand Up Computing — The Future for Primitive Man!

Hi Folks, stand up computing coming your way in an effort to save my back. Turns out there’s a lot of sitting in a muso’s life—practicing, recording, maintaining the never-ending email stream, airplane rides to Europe, the list goes on. I’ve got the computer elevated and in between email missives I twirl and my back says “yes”.

The elevated work space at SpragueLand!

We’ve got some cool gigs setup for this week starting off with a concert tomorrow night at the L’Auberge Del Mar. It’ll be vocalist Emily Elbert and myself and it takes place in their “living room” space. It’s free admission too! Emily is one of my favorite vocalists and she has one of the great voices singing folk music, jazz, pop, Stevie Wonder, Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. Her own music too, wild and beautiful! And her guitar playing is unique and dynamic. It’ll be a fun night of music and sure hope to see you…

Peter and Emily at SpragueLand!

Next up, on Friday early evening it’s the Handlery Hotel gig in Mission Valley and it’ll be Tripp on sax, the legendary Bob Magnusson on bass, and me on guitar. The TRIO lives on and we’ve had a lot of fun together over the years making music and taking surf trips to Hawaii and Mexico. The party will continue at the Handlery with good music and friendship and hopefully you there too…

The TRIO beaching it in between gigs! From left to right, Tripp, Bob Magnusson, and Peter.

On Sunday afternoon we’re lined up to play a concert at the First Christian Church of Oceanside. This is a non-religious afternoon concert series that Holly Hofmann curates and we’re thrilled to be included. It’s a beautiful old wooden church and the sound is good and this makes us musos happy. It’ll be Leonard on vocals, Mack on bass, and me on guitar. We’ll lean into love songs as Valentines Day is right around the bend. See you there!

Leonard and Peter

That’s the story for this week folks and thanks for tuning in.

yours on two feet, Peter

Golden Silence As An Option!

Greetings Good People, it’s the music news from your trusty wave tracker Pete —specializing in both sonic and ocean waves!

I’ve had the good fortune of breaking up the music moments with channeling the left sliders at Beacons. This just in from late last week:

PS sliding left at the start of the wave…

and a few moments later furthering the glide north…

And the toasty weather and ocean waves are continuing on. Good times in SoCal!

Lots of great music nights last week and for this week I only have one public gig. It’s a good one though and make it out if you can. Free music at a library where silence is golden!

It’s on Wednesday evening at the Mission Hills Library. The details are below. It’ll be Beth on flute and me on the guitar. We’ve got a cool program planned and it’d be neat to see you all!

Beth and Peter at the Encinitas Library.

That’s it for now folks and thanks for tuning in, WaveTrackerPete…

Fungii Mama!

Fine Folks, coming at you with Blue Mitchell’s The Thing You Do whirling in the CD player, filling this cold room with some F calypso grooving warmth. Killer track, “Fungii Mama” is on at the moment. What does that title mean? Fungii related to fungus? Fungii sounds better. This album is one of Blue’s best and if you haven’t heard it yet, check ‘er out! Chick’s on piano too…

Some cool music happenings fell into place last week including a fun gig with trombone man Matt Hall. He navigates through the changes beautifully and bringing it on home was Bob Magnusson on bass and Jim Plank filling it out on drums. Great to be with the gang and it was worth the most brutal rain drive at rush hour on a Friday ever! Had a practice guitar in the car and for those moments where we were standing still (lots!) I soothed into some guitar music.

More than handling it at the Handlery with Jim Plank, Bob Magnusson, Matt Hall, and Peter Sprague

I’m on James Taylor’s email list and he sent out this vid recently. It’s super soulful and the beauty of a family singing together on a classic tune hits a real highpoint in music, in being human, and living on planet earth. Check it out:

Next month we’re starting a new CD project, recording the Planet Cole Porter music. It’ll be Rebecca Jade, Tripp, Gunnar, Duncan, and I magnetizing to the harmonic magic of Cole Porter. Super clever lyrics too! Last week I finished the final arrangement for the project and I’m stoked to have a new version of “All of You” in the mix.

Now focusing in on this week for live music, first up, I’m playing two gigs tomorrow (Wednesday). At noontime I’ll be at the Encinitas Library with Lars Hoefs on cello and Bridget Dolkas on violin for a free concert of Jobim, Piazzolla and my songs too. We play this concert every year when Lars makes the trek from Brazil to SD and man, both him and Bridget are brilliant musos. I’ve arranged a new one (we’re rehearsing later this afternoon) and can’t wait to see if it all worked out. See you there!

The Lars gig from last year! Me on the left with Bridget, three gals from Brazil (sorry I don’t remember your names), and Lars on the far right.

And on Wednesday night I’m heading over to the Roxy for my ongoing music night there, this time my brother Tripp will join me. I’m trying a new thing at the Roxy and because of the louder acoustics of the room I’m going to play in a duo format rather than solo. I’ll be having different guests each week. For solo guitar to work, it needs to be really quiet and I think for how the Roxy has been remodeled a duo with a little more energy might be the right combo. The vibe over there is good and it’s right in the middle of a happening downtown Encinitas Bohemia. Live jazz in Encinitas in the mid-week, sounds good to me!

photos by Jim Winninger

On Thursday night Leonard and I are thrilled to be included in Joe Rathburns’ ongoing Folkey Monkey concert series held at Vision in San Diego. Our music angle for this night is exploring songs composed by John Mayer. He’s one of my favorite pop artists and we’ve taken his tunes and instilled our jazz viewpoint into them. Big fun!

The week of music culminates on a Friday ride to downtown for a hit at the Harbor Music Hall. It’ll be Leonard and I and if you haven’t been to this spot yet it’s worth checking out. Super cool breakfast spot that morphs into a jazz club on the weekends. We love it there—good acoustics, great folks running the place, and hopefully you absorbing the experience!

That’s the story for now. Thanks for the read and see you on the next loop, best, Peter