Silence is an Option!

Hola Good People, coming to you via the endless summer of 2014. I’m having a wonderful time balancing long studio hours with these priceless beach jaunts to catch waves and to float face up in the warm blue water looking up at the vibrant blue sky. Blue everywhere! It’s the best color too I think.

This is the kind of blue I'm talking about!

This is the kind of blue I’m talking about!

We had a good gig last week with Leonard Patton at Northern Spirits playing Leonard’s new songs. It was a nice turnout and folks seemed to enjoy the sonic mix. Play on Leonard!

The scene at Northern Spirits with Bobby Cressey on piano, Leonard on vocals, and Peter on guitar.  photo by Rick Sokol

The scene at Northern Spirits with Bobby Cressey on piano, Leonard on vocals, and Peter on guitar.
photo by Rick Sokol

I have a fellow from Japan named Nobuo who is here at SpragueLand for two weeks recording a new CD. He’s into Brazillian music and composes his own music set in the bossa nova style. He sings in Japanese and it’s a wild combo! Think Joao Gilberto meets lost in translation!

On tap for this week, first off on tomorrow night we’re playing a trio hit at the 3rd Space Gallery in San Diego. It’s Ben Wanicur on bass along with Duncan on drums. We’ve got a cool set planned and it’s a spot where music is the main thing. We always love this kind of setup!

On Wednesday night I’m playing a solo concert at the Pacific Beach Library. It’s one of my favorite spaces to play and one of the highlights is that SILENCE is an option. A lot of times this isn’t so as there’s background noise hogging up the bandwidth. There’s magic in the air when you can play that note and let it hang forever. I’ll be doing that in PB and come on out to let a little more silence creep into your life.

Silence was an option at the Carlsbad Music Festival and I took full advantage of it.

Silence was an option at the Carlsbad Music Festival and here I am filling the space. Slow down young man!

On Thursday night I’ll be at the Roxy playing solo and last week the roof almost blew off. There we’re a zillion folks in for the music and SILENCE was not an option. It was more about the friendship and the hang and the great food. Music too but I got buried a little. Hoping for an upgrade this week and I’m always game. See you there!

On Sunday morning guitarist Fred Benedetti and I play a spirited set of music as part of the Little Italy Festa taking place in downtown San Diego. We’ve done it before and they’ve got great sound and staging and music going all day. It’ll be fun and Fred is always the MAN on guitar!


Last up, curling into next week, it’ll be Fred, Tripp and me with our Blurring the Edges group throwing down the sonic palette at Grossmont College on Monday night. It’s always a good day making music with these guys and the setup there is tre’ bien as well. Hope to see you there!

Peter Sprague and Fred Benedetti

Peter Sprague and Fred Benedetti

That’s it for now and I’m heading back into the control room to tweak the samba tracks to perfection. Thanks for reading and hope to see you out there soon, Peter

Maybe I’m Amazed!

Salutations Good People, just floating up here in Encinitas after a magical night of Paul McCartney and his band’s show at Petco Park last evening. Oh heavens, what amazing music from Beatles tunes to Wings classics to “Helter Skelter” complete with explosions and fireworks leading up to the encore segment of the songs from Abbey Road, all run together, all impeccably executed. It was a night I’ll never forget. And the collective vibe of 50,000 folks all sitting close, taking it all in was powerful. Next on the list, gotta figure out how to get our band out on the road to do an arena tour. Shouldn’t be that hard….hah!

Paul with his Hoffner bass.

Paul with his Hoefner bass.

Stef and I having a great time waiting for the band to start rocking.

Stef and I having a great time waiting for the band to turn it up.

The muso that I play a bunch of shows with and have a real music connection, Leonard Patton, has a new CD just coming out and on this Tuesday night we’re celebrating it’s release into the world. It’s all happening at Northern Spirits and the band is cooking and it’ll be a special gig. Hope to see you there!

Jammin' the last time we we're at Northern Spirits with Harley, Leonard and Peter.

Jammin’ the last time we we’re at Northern Spirits with Harley, Leonard and Peter.

Last up for this week, I’ll be back at The Roxy on Thursday night to play a solo guitar hit. I always miss this place when I’m taken off to other venues. It’s a good day in Encinitas to be back in the flow. I’ll play a little more than usual Beatle music to celebrate Paul’s SD return. Maybe he’ll stop in for some falafel and sing “Hey Jude” with me…See ya there!


That’s the story for now. Stay well and stay inspired!

best, Peter

Billy Rides Again!

Greetings Good People, what an exciting time! I’m listening now to Laura Nyro’s music reimagined by the brilliant pianist and composer Billy Childs and this all from his new CD “Map to the Treasure, Reimagining Laura Nyro”. I’m blown away! It starts out with Renee Fleming and Yo Yo Ma and from there touches down with the great Dianne Reeves, Shawn Colvin, Esperanza Spaulding, Alison Krauss and many others. Fantastic, lyrical, amazing music! Billy rides again!

And other great news, I’ll be joining the band for his gig of this music up in Orange County in mid October. Look below for the details and for me, I’m heading to the woodshed to learn his twists and turns.


We had a super fun gig at Croce’s last week and the place is set up for full on listening and it’s a great sounding room. It’s wonderful to play with the boys again and we hope to do it again!

Peter and the gang at Croce's with Gunnar, Duncan, and Peter. Sorry, Tripp's out of the frame. photo by Bonnie Biggs

Peter and the gang at Croce’s with Gunnar, Duncan, and Peter. Sorry, Tripp’s out of the frame.
photo by Bonnie Biggs

Up for this week, I’ll be connecting with bassist Harley Magsino and drummer Duncan Moore for a night of trio music at The Merc in Temecula. Big fun and we’ll pull out some new stuff too! Hope to see you there…


And rounding out the week, Stef and I are lucky folks to be joining some friends to take in Paul McCartney’s music concert at Petco Park. As you know, I’m his biggest fan and if he’ll let me, I’ll jump on stage and start playing jazz licks over “Got to Get You Into My Life”. Hah!


There it is friends and thanks for tuning in, best, Peter