Coltrane for Balance!


Hey Good Folks, I hope like me you’re experiencing the elevated feelings of springtime — sun, warmth, flower crazy lengthening days, concerts moving to the outdoors. And shall we not forget the little ocean swell running in the pacific, setting up daily excursions of walking on water. Cowabunga!

Heading up!
photo by Jeff Rose

On the box, as we speak, Coltrane is emoting in C minor on “Lonnie’s Lament” and this sonic preaching is helping to balance the vibe over here at SpragueLand. All week long it’s been major key calypso leading up to this weekend’s concert and just like a good meal, you need some non-sweet flavor to offset the sweetness. Major scale equals sugar, Coltrane in C minor equals nuts and bolts miso soup with potatoes and veggies. Coltrane for balance!

John Coltrane

So yes, we’ll be at the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park on Sunday eve and the concert is called “Calypso Heat”. I’ve gathered some great songs from the Caribbean and some gifted musos from here to present a night of tales of the tropics —songs boldly announcing that men are smart but woman are smarter, the heart tug of the Jamaican Farewell, the chronicles of the monkey who drinks gin too, and finally the Bermuda Triangle anthem “Hurricane Alley” highlighting how life sometimes veers off course. 

It’ll be the wonderful Gillian Margot at the helm of the ship singing and the crew includes Beth Ross Buckley on flute, Tripp on sax and flute, Fred B. on guitar, Gunnar on the bass, Duncan on drums and I’ll be in the galley playing the guitar. It’ll be fun, we’ll have some laughs, and we promise to not sink the boat. 

I hope you can join us, there are still some tickets left and see the details at the bottom.

Gillian Margot

And if you’re looking to zip out into the world other days this week please join us on Friday for two different shows. At 4:30pm Leonard and I are playing an open to the public house concert in Encinitas that benefits the Gaden Shartse Norling Monastery. I love playing with Leonard!

Leonard and Peter
photo by Thomas Westerlin

Also, Friday night at 7:30pm maestro Fred Benedetti and I get to hang out together at Ki’s for music and great food. Join us, won’t you!

Peter and Fred dancing on the double necks!

On Saturday afternoon at 12:30pm I’m playing solo guitar for a few hours at Flower Hill Mall Promenade in Del Mar. Hoping for warm weather!

There it is folks, thanks for joining in and good wishes to you, Peter

We’re on the Desert Run!


Solid Folks of SoCal!

Both Leonard and I are on the run this week. First up, once again, the desert! Tonight we play a show at the Coachella Valley Rep Theatre in Rancho Mirage. Duo spin in a good acoustic and listening setup!

Last week when I was playing in the desert at Pete Carlson’s Golf Shop, the next morning my friend Brian and I hiked up to a waterfall with freezing water. Super special!

And then tomorrow, Wednesday evening, we’ll be carrying on the revolution at the Cardiff Library. What a magical spot it is for a cozy music happening!

This is the setup, Leonard singing and playing cajon, me on guitar and the machinery on the floor, that we’re bringing to the Cardiff Library concert.
photo by Lou Roubitchek

That’s the news from this week and we hope to see you out there!

all best, Peter

7 Minutes and 47 Seconds


Good People!

Metheny is twanging in the key of G and it’s good. Have you heard the tune “The Fields, the Sky”? Oh my, it’s a brilliant way to spend 7 minutes and 47 seconds of your life! First off it’s just him with bass and caxixi shakers and from there the plot thickens. Eventually the whole band is in, the bass is heading up and up, Lyle and Pat are playing this wicked unison line and the happy mix of jazz and country lives free and unattached in the wide open plains of the Missouri outback. Good on the ears this stuff!

In last week’s gig email I was trying to bring the positive to the issue of large amounts of car time and the never ending jam of cement and metal longing for open space. The ever creative Molly wrote back with this:

“a good and wise soul recently told me that it’s better if you imagine the taillights of the car ahead as the eyes of the Buddha.  I tried it.  It works!  Settles things right down…”

I laughed, I tried, it helped and still the conglomerate of cars continue to pack it in. Hey Molly, I’ll keep at it and it’s good folly for zen and the art of brake fluid…

Last week, we experienced two magnificent concerts with wild jazz man of the ivories Bill Mays. He carries enormous amounts of jazz wisdom and peppers it up with a little humor and a beautiful vibe. A true gem, a true joy!

Music night at the Merc! That’s Bill on the left and me on the right.
photo by Don Van Selus

Next it was Sinne Eeg at the front of the stage at Dizzy’s singing “Rain”. Oh man, what a vibe and what beauty in sound. Check it out:

Hot off the press rad news — our recording Planet Cole Porter was awarded the 2018 Best Jazz Record at last night’s San Diego Music Awards. We had great times making the music with our favorite musos in the loop — Tripp on sax, Gunnar on bass, Duncan on drums, Tommy Aros on percussion, Scott Kyle on trombone, and of course the magic Rebecca doing her thing. Cole Porter with a somewhat illegal spin on it never had it so good. 

We tip our hat’s with respect and gratitude to the other great players and recordings that were also nominated.

We’re inspired and thrilled to keep at it and we’ve got more live concerts with the Planet band coming up. 

Rebecca Jade accepting the award for the Best Jazz Album win! Thanks Rebecca, not sure where I was, totally spaced the event out. So thankful that you were there!

Music for this week — I’m playing a 4pm solo guitar concert at Mesa College tomorrow (Wednesday). 

Next, Leonard and I explode at Palomar College at 12:30pm on Thursday.

Both of these gigs are free to you all!

And ending out the week, once again it’ll be El Honda Element and I trancing out with the broken white lines that lead to Palm Desert. There, we’ll break out the music and synchronize with vocalist Allison Adams Tucker as she leads a sonic travelogue through Spain, Brazil, France, New York City and the soulful confines of Pete Carlson’s Golf and Tennis Shop. It’s all music and it’s a great way to lead a life. Come and join us won’t you?

Allison with (left to right) David Burnett, Josh Nelson, Edwin Livingston, Dan Schnelle, Allison Adams Tucker, and Peter.
photo by Claudia Russell

Saying bye folks as the taillights of the cars ahead keep blinking on and off….peace, P