Buddha of Jazz!

Hello Good Folks!

Coming to you from sunny SpragueLand and some newly discovered Coltrane tracks are filling the air. Unearthed from who knows where, the recording is called Blue World. It’s the classic quartet (Coltrane, McCoy, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones) jammin’ in the studio back in ’64 playing new versions of Naima, Village Blues, Blue World (related to Out of This World) Traneing In, and Like Sonny. It’s beautiful, it’s deep, and it’s Coltrane again transforming into the Buddha of jazz.

Up for me this week, it’s a week of sharing what we do with the inspired folks attending Point Loma Nazarene University. Today vocalist Rebecca Jade and I give a masterclass on guitar and vocals, tomorrow the recording class comes to SpragueLand to discuss the ins and outs of the recording studio, and on Friday our whole band plays a concert down at the school’s Crill Hall. We’re playing the Planet Cole Porter music and it’s Rebecca, Tripp, Gunnar, Duncan and myself at the heart of the music creation. The Friday concert is open to the public and you should all come if you can. It’s a great space for music and the view from the front doors out to the wild pacific is a jaw dropper. See you there!

PCP with PS, Gunnar, Tripp, Rebecca, and Duncan.
photo by James Kaspar

On Saturday afternoon I’m playing some solo guitar at the La Mesa Library. This will be fun! I’ve never been to this library but libraries in general are a guaranteed quite space and this is good for the music. Check it out…

That’s the word for this week and thanks for following along.

all best, Peter

Blaze Burn Factor 12!

Jumping back in with you Good Folks!

It’s been a little over two weeks since the last gig email scribe-o-sonics. All for good reason, I’ll fill you in a sec, but for now, it’s good to be back in touch and plugged into the great algorithm of the sky.

How have you been?

For me, after the Euro tour with Sinne leading right into a ton of gigs and rehearsals for the Rendezvous in Realtime project, done all under the influence of one mega summer cold, inspired me to invent some slow time into the calendar. I also wanted to leave space to deal with a beautifully spiraling out of control rental house remodel, a family trip up to Portland to visit our daughter Kylie, and a perfect amount of under the radar private gigs. Plus, it’s still summer weather and the pacific blue pond continues to have warm water —we’ve got to live that world fully before the tipping point arrives at the end of October when the sun sets early and the chill factor returns.

Here are a few pics to illustrate:

Our spiraling rental fix up project complete! Guess who chose the blue doors color?

The big living room with fresh paint!

The sun room looking out to the yard.

Out in the yard, the little house still has the vibe. Back in the day, when I lived at this house, I slept in the “Bliss Station”, the little brown house. It was surrounded by trees and there wasn’t a phone out there. A good way to leave the world behind for a while.

The Sprague’s in Portland! That’s me, Stefanie and Kylie.

This park complete with infinite green is just blocks from Kylie’s house. No water trouble going on up there!

Now, zooming into more of the present tense, one of my go to spots for taking in outer dimensional turbo charged veggie burritos (plantains in there too) and other organic gems, just caught on fire in the middle of the night four days ago. The place is Mozy’s, located right down the street here in Leucadia. It burnt to the point of no return along with a clothing store and a photo studio, all housed in the same 100 year old soulful building. No one know’s how it started but the fire marshals are figuring it out and we’re all curious to know.

Mozy’s not only had killer food but along with that came a collection of beautiful people, the surfers, the food-sters, the youngsters, and the musos (Danny Green and his troupe, every time they we’re at SpragueLand laying down tracks, made room for a Mozy’s run to fuel the inspiration). When you were at Mozy’s you knew that you were living the dream of Cali at it’s best.

They’ve setup a Go Fund Me campaign and we’re all tossing in some bucks with the hope of helping them sort out the insurance black hole and hopefully launch into a rebuild. Where else are we gonna find the illusive Leucadia bohemian magic?

Mozy’s after the burn.

Right after the Mozy’s burn along came one of the good kind of burns — Chick Corea’s Trilogy played a concert at the Balboa Theatre in downtown SD. On fire it was with Chick at the piano, bassist Christian McBride, and Brian Blade on drums. Smoking and creative from the get go, perfect sound, perfect notes, relaxed but electrifying, fantastic song choices, all of it —a spectacular night of music!

The band did a little Q&A with the audience before the concert and Chick said that one of the life directives that keeps him young and inspired (he’s 78 years old) is to seek out musical directions where he can learn from others—younger musos, classical collaborations, projects that’ll require him to leap.

Good words of wisdom and I’m listening…

Chick’s new trio record just dropped into the world today (Trilogy 2) and right now I’m listening to their new version of his 1968 classic song Now He Sings, Now He Sobs.

Blaze burn factor 12!

Lined up for this week and live music, on Sunday late afternoon I’ll be hanging with bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Duncan Moore for a couple of sets of trio music at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley. It’s a great spot for live music with good sound and the full on listening vibe. Hope to see you there!

Trio time at the Handlery!
photo by Michael Oleta

Thanks folks for the tune in and keep the sky in your head, best, Peter

Lovely Juliette!

Hey Surfers!

Hurricane Juliette is generating waves (still fairly small but it’s been a lake lately) so it’s all about cutting to the chase, gettin’ right to it, lock and load, get ‘er done.

We’d love you to join us for music and soul food on Friday night at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. It’ll be Leonard and I filling the air up with sound and it’ll be that much better having you and your ears in full on absorption mode. The downbeat is at 7:30 pm and we play two sets. See ya’!

I’ve got some funny chord going on and Leonard’s trying to memorize the fingering.
Photo by Steve Wood

hang ten, Peter