Brazilian Perfection!

Greetings Good Folks!

We haven’t been in touch for a few weeks. That’s partially because I’ve been listening to Simone singing “Tô Voltando” and if ever there was Brazilian perfection, this might be it. Do you know Simone’s music? I’m a fan and after you hear this tune you might understand how someone could disappear for two weeks.

In addition to listening to Simone I’ve been playing guitar with Peter Bernstein. I love this guy and his music is ultra bad a**! A true avatar of the six strings. Can’t wait to meet up again!

photo by Katy Moore

We had a great concert with Allison Adams Tucker and the boys at a fancy house in Solana Beach, celebrating Allison’s new recording Retro Trilogy. Great music and we even kicked in a few loops to spice things up. Be on the lookout for her new CD emerging soon.

Allison’s Retro gig with (left to right) Danny Green, Tripp Sprague, Allison Adams Tucker, and Peter.

Last weekend for two nights I joined up with pianist Billy Childs’ Chamber Music Ensemble, performing at the Blue Whale in Little Tokyo (in downtown LA). Incredible music, complicated, and detailed as it comes, spectacular musicianship, and good friendship. I met some new musos including Pam on flute, Leonard on sax, and the amazing Judith Hill on vocals. I’m so happy that I was in the loop with these folks!

Billy Childs group with Judith Hill on vocals.

For this week I have few shows and it all starts out at Terminal One Baggage Claim at the SD Airport on Thursday afternoon. Strange place to play music but it makes folks happy as they’re waiting to finally get the luggage and be done with this travel chore. Hah! It’ll be Leonard, Tripp, and me supplying the good vibes through sound. Join in if you dare…

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

On Friday afternoon it’s a easy going moment of solo guitar at the Flower Hill Promenade. I love this gig—honing my solo guitar moves, playing music out in the open, good people, Whole Foods is close. All good things and join in if you can…

photo by Daniel Santos

The Carlsbad Eclectic Lawn Music Festival is happening this weekend and on Sunday at 1pm I have an hour solo set planned. It’s right there at Magee Park and it’s a pleasant setup to take in some sounds and visual stimuli. See you then…

There you go folks and thanks for reading along. 

all the best, Peter

Carrot Cake

What’s Up Friends!

I’m listening to Larry Goldings and Peter Bernstein play a tune called “Fagen” and I wonder if it’s written for Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen? Anyone know? I’m a big fan of both Bernstein and Fagen and it’d be nice to see and hear those two stir it up together.

Peter Bernstein, a wonderful guitar player with great ideas and a superior tone! A superhuman good fellow too! It’ll all came together a year and half back that we played a house concert in Encinitas. The joy of music was everywhere and it reaffirmed the many reasons why it’s good to live on.

Let’s do it again!

It’s happening again on Friday evening and I think there are still some tickets left. Again at a house in Leucadia and music magic is guaranteed!

Look below for the deets and I hope to see you there….

Peter Bernstein

Out on the end of the week, on Sunday, beautiful vocalist Allison Adams Tucker along with pianist Danny Green, sax man Tripp, and myself will make music together drawing upon the cool new tunes from Alli’s latest recording RETRO Trilogy. She’s selected classic tunes from the 80’s that inspired her and dressed them up in jazz clothes and teamed up with high powered NYC musos to pull it off. I was invited to the party too and it’s a neat gang to be in the loop with. We even wrote a new tune for the album.

The concert for this Sunday is taking place at a private home in inland Solana Beach. It’s a fantastic spot out in the backyard with loads of trees and infinite sky above. After you purchase tickets, Allison will get you the address and from there it’s all systems go. Hope you can make it.

Right now the Bernstein playlist is spinning this funky blues called “Carrot Cake”. I just wrote Peter requesting that we fit it into the setlist. Fingers crossed —funky jazz and carrot cake!

all best, Peter

Peter and Danny in Concert!

Hi Solid Citizens!

Here’s a little slice of what’s up for this week coming to you last minute but still laced with overflowing good vibes. All with the hope of keeping us together.

Tomorrow night avatar pianist Danny Green and I play a duo hit at Grossmont College. We’ve been doing this duo lately and it’s a ton of fun. A mix of my tunes, Danny’s tunes, some samba, some Beatles, and finally some jazz gospel. Come and be in it with us!


take good care, Peter