Living the Dream!

Cowabunga Ocean Peeps!

Finally a day off and it started early this morning with some blue water immersion. There were little mini broken up bumps and the air had a fall cooling edge to it but the water remains in full on bliss mode — warm and inviting!

This leads me to thinking about Ben Gravy. He’s the most stoked surfer on the globe! He hails from the great state of New Jersey — an area known for terrible little waves and cold winters and even with all of that he’s making it work with mega spirit. His latest thing is to surf all 50 states of the US. How does he pull this off? Rivers when needed!

Ben Gravy surfing a river in Oklahoma!

He has a crazy VLOG and I think he posts almost every day. His phrase “living the dream” is catching on as the ongoing mantra up here in Leucadia!

“Living the dream!”

Lined up for this week in the live arena it’s a Friday midday solo guitar exploration fest over at Flower Hill Promenade. It’ll be me and the six strings starting at 12:30pm.

PS last summer at the Leucadia Park concert.
photo by Daniel Audick

Next, mark your calendar for a Sunday at 2pm free concert at the Encinitas Library. I’m thrilled to get together with vocalist Rebecca Jade and bassist Sean Hicke. We’ll start with a bop Cole Porter and I’m guessing we’ll end up musically somewhere entirely NOW. Join us on the journey!

Peter and Rebecca
photos by James Kaspar

That’s it and take good care, Peter 

Walk Off the Earth!

Solid Citizens! 

I recently took a vid spin originating from a passed on link and heavens did this ride make me feel good. A bunch of folks playing a hybrid instrument, all at the same time, singing up a storm and a chord progression that’s built for happiness.

See what you think:

The tune is a Maroon 5 song called “Girls Like You” and the band is Walk Off the Earth. Pop music is in good hands!

Last week some insane bass moves by LA’s Ben Shepherd playing with us at the Laguna Arts Festival! Listen to this man blow through the blues changes:

Out there live this week we start with the Mission Brewery downtown on Thursday evening celebrating both Leonard’s birthday but also the 25 years Leonard and I have been playing together. Guaranteed fun time and we’re planing on emerging a few old tunes that we haven’t played in a while.

Leonard and Peter living the good life!
Photo by Steve Wood

For Friday I’ll be first at the Flower Hill Promenade honing my solo guitar skills. From there I effortlessly make my way in total annihilation rush hour Friday traffic to Babylonia (La Jolla) for a cool concert at the L.J. Community Center. It’ll be Tripp on sax, Leonard on vocals, and me letting loose in this good acoustical listening space complete with très bien bien’ hors d’oeuvres before the gig starts. Join us if you will!

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

And rounding out the weekend on Saturday at 4pm Leonard and I play a set at the Carlsbad Music Festival. It’s a great setup and we’ve got some creative sounds lined up. Free too I believe!

Leonard and Peter drifting on a reed!
photo by Kevin Kinnear

That’s it and I leave you with a sample of the “Girls Like You” lyric:

Yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah

I need a girl like you, yeah yeah”

Not exactly Cole Porter or Joni Mitchell but in Walk Off the Earth’s hands it levitates!

love ya, Peter

Last Minute!

Hi Folks, the nice people over at the Laguna Arts had a last minute cancellation and asked us to play. We LOVE this gig — fantastic setting, great sound, and enthusiasm everywhere you turn!

It’s this Saturday night and we even lassoed in the “bass on fire” Ben Shepherd to play bass with us. Can’t wait…

This is from a couple of weeks back playing at the Laguna Arts event. Tripp on the left, Leonard in the middle and me on the right.
photo by Justin Grinnell

see you there, Peter