Tonal Grounding of the Harp!

Friends! End ‘o October and there’s a mini chill over here this morning. I’m warming the house with Alice Coltrane’s harp on “Journey in Satchidananda.” Pharaoh Sanders is on tenor and the music could easily head completely out but it hovers in eastern bliss tonality with the magnetism of the very grounded harp. Killer blend of out and in, waves of plucky harp swirls, hand percussion, Charlie Haden’s low end wood bass, and of course Pharoah’s wisdom of the soprano sax. It’s working!


It’s been a studio marathon life mixing Christmas music, mixing gospel tunes, mixing jazz music from San Francisco. Mixing is one of the best parts of recording—you get to pull in all of the details, the tracking is done and you’re making final decisions. Plus you’re wrapping!

How nice to offset the studio work with a Roxy Restaurant solo guitar hit this week! I’ll be there on Wednesday night at 7pm with the six strings in hand for a night of my music, Beatles, jazz, samba, the loop machine, the guest sit-ins on the 2nd set, and the artichoke sandwich. They’ve built a stage, they’ve calmed down the echoey sound of the new room and there’s good potential for this place. Hope to see you there!


On Thursday night we’re thrilled to be included in the music series at the La Jolla Community Center. It’ll be myself along with Leonard Patton on vocals and Tripp Sprague on sax and flute. The food and wine start out at 7pm and then the music concert kicks in at 8pm. It’s a nice room for music and folks really tune in. We’ve got a slick set planned and it should be a fun night of music, friends, and food. Look below for the fine print.


There it is and as Alice makes “A Stopover in Bombay”, the tamboura fades out and we’re left with a good feeling, the kindness of humanity, that life is on the right track. Just make sure to ride this out for a little while before tuning back into the election race bad talking free for all.

peace outwards, Peter

Night Eyes!

Hey Friends, life is good over here at studio central and in between pushing buttons and directing traffic I managed to pen a few sonic ditties. It turns out we’ve got a hit scheduled for tomorrow (with Mack and Duncan) and the idea of guitar trio sparked a little creative surge. “Night Eyes” has a roving bass line and some straight ahead blowing, “New E Minor Tune” moves slow and pretty and is searching for a name, and “No Guarantees” is a new ballad that I co-wrote with vocalist Nina Francis and for this week’s version I’ve changed the key and made a few mods. Can’t wait to hear them live!

Here’s the info and it’s a free show and we’d love to see you there!

all the best, Peter

I'm on the ground with the cables trying to make sense of the plastic spaghetti. photo by Thomas Westerlin

Plugging it in!
photo by Thomas Westerlin

Colliding Schedules Lining Up for the Good of Humanity!

Hola Gente Hermosa! What a fantastic and busy week over here at SpragueLand. SF vocalist Jennifer Lee has occupied the studio for a week and we’ve been graced with creative rhythmic pulses from Duncan; low end stability from Bob Magnusson, Gunnar Biggs and Justin Grinnell; accordion (that most illegal of all instruments) from Rich Kohns of San Fran; Bay Area supreme pianist Adam Schulman; and coming in tomorrow ‘bro Tripp on sax and flute and Steve Dillard playing the trumpet. And keeping all things in line is Jennifer who wrote the music, plays guitar, piano, and sings. Folks in Nashville always talk about music row, well up here in Encinitas we’ve got a music box surrounded by avo trees. Hah!

Jennifer Lee recording session, looking over the sheet music with (right to left) Jennifer, Duncan, Bob Magnusson, and me.

Jennifer Lee recording session, looking over the sheet music with (right to left) Jennifer, Duncan, Bob Magnusson, and me.

A bit back we had a super killer hit at the Encinitas Library! Check out this vid from the concert and listen to Rebecca Jade singing so beautiful!

P-L-A-N-E-T    C-O-L-E     P-O-R-T-E-R


All these years I’ve never had the good fortune of playing at Java Joe’sJason Mraz started his career there and the place has an illustrious history of showcasing up and coming musos. Mostly folksters and last week us jazz heads showed up and had a wonderful gig with Java tending to the details and guiding the ship. Vocalist Nina Francis organized the whole thing and she suggested a song circle, each muso sharing a tune and a story, then circling to the next person. It was Nina, Gregory Page, Leonard Patton and myself all spinning music together. Big fun and sure look forward to returning!

Java Joe's with Gregory Page, Leonard Patton, Nina Francis, and Peter Sprague. photo by Dennis Anderson

Java Joe’s with Gregory Page, Leonard Patton, Nina Francis, and Peter Sprague.
photo by Dennis Anderson

Super crowed stage but it only made the music better! photo by Dennis Anderson

Super crowded stage but it only made the music better!
photo by Dennis Anderson

Oh yeah, good Reader article about the show too:


This week for live music it’ll be a special night at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff on Friday night. As previously advertised, it was supposed to be Fred Benedetti and I playing together but I just got a call and poor Fred has a rad cold. I mean the moment I heard his voice I knew he’d need to rest and let the guitar sit idle for a few days. Heal up Fred!

So instead, I am so happy that vocalist Gillian Margot was in town and free to play. Plus brother Tripp’s previous gig fell through and he’ll be in the loop with us too.

Colliding schedules lining up for the good of humanity!

Gillian sings up a storm and she was with us for last year’s Stevie Wonder gig at Dizzy’s plus this summer’s “Jazz Explorations of Rock Classics” concerts both in LA and Rancho Santa Fe. She’s amazing and you’ll love her voice!

Check out this:


Oh my, killin’ it on Stevie’s “Do I Do!”

Hope you can make it and see you soon, Peter