Circulating the World!

Hey Everyone, it’s a learning tricking tunes cramfest going on over here today as TONIGHT I’m playing at the Blue Whale in LA. It’s vocalist Denise Donatelli’s gig and she’s got some great tunes but not ones that you can just cruise through. Geoffrey Keezer’s on piano along with Dave Robaire on bass and Walter Rodriguez on drums. As soon as I’m done with this gig email I’m going to hit the road.


Last weeks solo guitar Beatle vid that I put out on YouTube has been having a fun time CIRCULATING the world. As of this moment 2,351 folks have taken it for a spin plus loads of folks have written in reporting that it’s a worthy ride. It was a joy to put together and has inspired me to continue on. Look for a new vid coming next week…


Up for the rest of the week, on Thursday night I’m back at the Roxy stirring up the solo guitar exploration stew complete with Beatles, PS Tunes, jazz swingers, and Hendrix sound FX warps all as part of the MIX. Hope to see you there for the fun!

On Friday night I’ll be playing a show with pianist Danny Green and my brother Tripp on sax and flute. We’ll be at the La Jolla Community Center and we’ve got some cool tunes worked up. I think they have nice food and wine included with the entry fee. Big fun!


For the last hit of the week Leonard and I will be at Solterra Winery in Leucadia, right down the road from my house, on Sunday night. Life is good around here and we’d love to share the north county beach atmosphere with you! We play at 7pm and we’ve had some really fun nights of music at this place. Check it out!

Leonard and Peter winning in Chula Vista! photo by Kevin Kinnear

photo by Kevin Kinnear

That’s it for now, the freeway beckons and the tires are anxious to start rolling…all best, Peter

Can’t Buy Me Rain!

Greetings Good People, it’s raining in SoCal and the Encinitas foliage consortium is digging the H20!

Me too, I’ve been staying dry in the main room at SpragueLand exploring the inner workings of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” I documented it on video and thought I’d share it around. Turns out it’s a blues tune (never really realized that) and it feels good swinging and expanding out with improvisation. BeatleJazz once again taking over the universe!


That’s it for this week. I’ve been gigging every night but they’re all private hits. Tonight in San Clemente for a rainy day wedding — fingers crossed for the freeway Friday afternoon hell drive.

I’ll be back with you next week with some cool gigs.

Stay inspired and stay dry, Peter

Tax Exempt Above the Coronado Bridge!

Greetings Beautiful People! It’s with frozen and currently thawing out fingers that I write you. This morning the incessant wind was taking a rest and this lured me out to the grey ocean for some wave riding and mind cobweb cleaning. Super fun always and it’s the best way to get the day’s pendulum started.

I combed through the video clips from our Stevie Wonder gig at Dizzy’s a couple weeks back and came up with a highlights reel. Check out Justin’s hypnotic bass line on “Do I Do” and how Geoffrey Keezer ventures into Galaxy X as the tune progresses. Gillian’s got a great sound, Leonard channels Stevie, Duncan hitting hard and steady, and lucky me along for the spin. It was a good night of jazz funk…


Click the vid for a ride on the Sir Duke express!

Last weeks trio Handlery gig was a hoot with good musos, good acoustics, and a vibrant and listening audience. Lets do it again when a date opens up!

Handlery trio jazz with Tim McMahon on drums, Peter on guitar, and Harley Magsino on bass. photo by Barbara Wise

Handlery trio jazz with Tim McMahon on drums, Peter on guitar, and Harley Magsino on bass.
photo by Barbara Wise

Brewing for this week, I’m back (I missed my time away) to the Roxy on Thursday night for solo guitar music. The downbeat is at 7pm and I’ll explore solo for a set and then have some friends join in for the 2nd set. Hope to see you there!

Someday I'll just take Rocky to the gig and leave my guitar at home.

Someday I’ll just take Rocky to the gig and leave my guitar at home.

On Friday night vocalist Kevyn Lettau along with me and my brother will play a show at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. The 3 of us go way back from our early days with our group Dance of the Universe playing the Belly Up, The Albatross, Chuck’s Steak House, Elarios, The Bella Via, etc. A killer ride through the history of San Diego jazz and so happy to continue on exploring new music and new friends to take it all in. Come and be part of the revolution! Look below for the deets…

This is fun! An old school clip from a concert in Del Mar during a hot August night. That's me, Tripp, Kevyn and Coral in the front line.

This is fun! An old school clip from a concert in Del Mar during a hot August night. That’s me, Tripp, Kevyn and Coral in the front line.

We’ve been rehearsing all week for the concert on Saturday night joining forces with Beth Ross Buckley’s Camarada group. The theme for the night is Bossa Nova and we’ve got Kevyn singing along with Fred Benedetti on guitar, Gunnar Biggs on bass, Monette Marino on percussion, Beth on flute and me on guitar. I’ve put together some new arrangements on classic tunes by Jobim, Edu Lobo, Chick Corea, Djavan and even a samba that Kevyn and I wrote together. The concert is at an interesting and new (to me) space in Barrio Logan called Bread and Salt. I’ve heard great things about the venue and it should be a wonderful event. We’d love to have you there and if it sounds good, follow the links below for more info. You know it’s a good moment when the gentle guitar chords caress the Portuguese lyric, accented by the congas pulse, lifting into the sky right above the Coronado Bridge. If you let it, it’ll take you away. (They don’t believe in taxes up there).


all good things to ‘ya, Peter