Noble Twangy Guitar Strums

Ace Folks of San Diego, I’m over here listening to country music and spamming about gig fun! One week it’s Chet Baker, then it’s Hendrix, always Coltrane and Metheny, but yes, somedays the day demands the noble beauty of a twangy guitar strumming a G major chord on the 3rd fret. You know the one, right?

It’s been a good week with lots of surf. Lets start there with a few photos that Uncle Paul snapped while I bubbled around in the wild blue.

PS dropping in at Beacons. photo by Paul Fleck

PS dropping in at Beacons.
photo by Paul Fleck

PS surfing Beacons last week.  photo by Paul Fleck

PS surfing Beacons last week.
photo by Paul Fleck

The surfing blended in with professional studio button pushing and that dovetailed into a few gigs including a fun hit up in Seal Beach with pianist Scott Wilkie with a killer band. Here’s a photo from that eve.

Scott Wilkie on piano along with Jeff Olson, drums, Nate Brown, bass and Peter on guitar.

Scott Wilkie on piano along with Jeff Olson, drums, Nate Brown, bass and Peter on guitar.

Next up, I’ve been in a musical arranging hurricane pulling the sonic details together for next week’s big Christmas Eve concert in Del Mar. We’ve got a wild show in store and hope you can be there with us. Look below for the deets…

And YES, the Roxy night of music is happening this week on Thursday night leading off with a solo guitar set, followed by a few guests joining in for the second set. Good times ahead!


That’s the word friends and see you out and about, Peter

Dry Cali Crying the H20 Blues!

Greetings Friends, we’ve got rain and it’s a joy, it’s desperately needed, and it also complicated our gear load in last night at Cal State San Marcos. Leonard and I were trying to find the right room where the music was to take place all the while dodging raindrops and puddles, trying to keep the music gear dry, trying to keep my trusty Birkenstocks from floating down the river. Ah, such a big deal in dry Cali when a storm comes through!

This rain reminds me of my “Rain”, which is a tune that’d fit right in on this blustery day. Think wide open space, gentle Americana diatonic guitar chords, Lisa’s beautiful voice, Randy’s poetic lyrics, all painting a portrait of love with rain as the backdrop. It’s on my Calling Me Home recording and it might be worth checking out here.

The folks over at Ocean Magazine released the December issue and included in the middle is an interview where they highlighted my life as a muso / surfer / family man / land baron / vegan warrior / wanna-be humorist / writer of weekly gig emails among other little ditties. Robert Wald is the fellow that ran the questions by me and I think he steered things in an interesting direction. Especially his last question about “car-guitars” which both he and I keep handy for when the 5 / 805 merge turns into quicksand. Check ‘er out here


Up for this week, I’ll be holding court over at the Roxy in Encinitas on Thursday night. The first set will be solo guitar explorations and for the second set I usually have some guests sitting in and telling their sonic stories. Come and join the classic bohemian north county swirl and tune ‘em up…


On Friday night I’ll be joining trumpet master Gilbert Castellanos and bassist Mac Leighton for a hit at the Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego. Gilbert plays up a storm and the setting for music there is as intimate as it gets. Folks are literally 2 feet away from us and LISTENING intently. Good stuff and come on out if you can make it.

Playing the Westgate gig with Gilbert on the left, Rob Thorsen on bass, and me on guitar.

Gilbert, Rob, and Peter playing the Westgate gig.

There it is, a rainy day scribe filling in the details. Stay dry, stay warm and stay inspired.
all best, Peter