I’m Not Fond of This Ratio

SoCal Creatures of Good!

I’m back from my trip (got back late last eve) and thrilled to see Stef and be free of airport security. Also I don’t think I ever left the west coast time zone while in Denmark so it was easy to flow back into the hours of the west.

Rested and in dire need of Leucadia health food, I made my way just now to my favorite bohemian beach hang — Mozy’s! Veggie burrito with plantains, rad cool folks hanging out talking surf stories, so good to be home.

And it was cool being there too! First up was Copenhagen for a concert as part of their week long jazz festival. Loved the music with Sinne and sure wish it all could be music because the very next day, at a mega brutal launch hour we boarded a Norwegian Air plane bound for the Canary Islands. Bad Norwegian Air! They hate guitar carrying jazz musos and made my life so difficult for that very long travel day. Huge fees, making me go through the security line 2 separate times, winner of the most crampy seats, all fodder for a sleepy head grump jazz head. 

Copenhagen concert with Sinne and me. What a backdrop, what a sound!
photo by Warny

Oh well!

The Canaries were cool with great folks, beautiful old cities, great music, enthusiasm, and pristine ocean with sun and warmth. It’s kind of like here, same weather, pretty dry, beautiful. 

Hard to unearth veggie food there so that’s why today’s outing to Mozy’s was a bliss machine. 

That’s me at a beach in Gran Canaria. Even though the surf wasn’t great you can see some folks behind me taking it all in.

After three concerts on each of the different islands we then made our way to back to Copenhagen with a half day off to hang with my pal Alejandro from Buenos Aires! We rode bikes to Freetown Christiania for lunch and took in a wild scene where one of the bodyguards for the pot business wrestled away a tourist woman’s expensive telephoto lens camera and broke it on the ground. This was alarming and I guess the rule there is no photos period. Tough lesson for her.

After the bike outing Warny (Sinne’s husband) and I went for a swim at the “snail structure” and I got to complete a few jumps. I love jumping into water!

Me and Warny wet, cold and happy at the “snail”.
photo by Sinne

Here’s one of my jumps off the launch pad at the “snail.”

Speaking of jumping, here’s a pic of us back in the day launching out from the cliffs into the pond at Three Sisters near Julian.

Then it was off to the airport again for a flight to London and then connecting back to SD.

As you can see, touring is only 90 minutes of music and the rest of the day is caught up in the tornado of travel. I’m not fond of this ratio!

So what happens next here on the west coast is Friday afternoon at Flower Hill Promenade for some solo guitar. That’s me and the six strings exploring the sound waves.

Friday night we’re at the Coronado Library for a free concert with the Trippster on sax, Rebecca Jade on vocals, and me on guitar. We’re already rehearsed up from the two weeks back concert in Laguna so off we’ll go into the music. Come on out and join us!

Tripp, Rebecca, and me.

At the top of the week next week on Monday eve, we’re playing our annual concert at the Point Loma Westminster Church. It’s Leonard, Tripp, and I and it takes place at their cool outdoor amphitheater. It’s free too!

Shapeshifting with Tripp, Leonard and Peter.
photo by Steve Grant

And just a reminder about our string trio concert at the Encinitas Library on July 28!

Fantastic and see you all soon, Peter

A Hand Full of Possibly Interesting Things


It’s the fourth of July and I’m just back from a surf. The waves are up, the sun is out, it’s a holiday! 

Discovered this really good group: 


Super worth checking out!


Rad cool LA gig earlier in the week!

Playing the modernized Cole Porter music with Nick on piano, Rebecca on vocals, Dave on drums, me, and Ahmet on bass.

We’re playing Ki’s on Friday night!

The Trio with Gunnar, Lisa, and Peter
photo by Barbara Rix

Saturday heading up to the Pagent of the Masters in Laguna Beach with Tripp and Rebecca. It’s a first class setup for music and friendship!

Peter and Rebecca
photos by James Kaspar

Off on Sunday to Denmark and the Canary Islands performing with the amazing Sinne Eeg!

Sinne and Peter in Denmark, 2018

Coming up when I get back, the world debut of the Chamber Music America grant composition highlighted in two concerts. First in LA and then we’ll be at the Encinitas Library later in the week. Maybe mark it on your calendar if you can make it.

That’s it and now, back to the guitar, another round of ocean, and a sunset dinner with Stef.

adios, Peter

Pennies From Heaven!

Greetings Citizens of Jazz!

I’m having fun in the office and gazing out into the endless coastal gray. It just goes on and and on and happily it isn’t getting me down. Instead it’s a good day and Stan Getz is filling the air via Spotify. 

It’s magic — push a button and his entire recorded history streams on through. 

It’s criminal too in that I didn’t have to buy these records but instead, pay the mini $10 a month fee to the Spotify folks and they’ll pass along a whopping $.04 to the Getz estate. Two days ago I got a royalty check in the mail for $.04. True!

Get rich soon, play jazz and the royalties will be flowing in — flowing in like pennies from heaven!

Regardless, music is still the best thing going and I’m so happy to be listening and playing!

We experienced two great outdoor weekend hits with spirited folks and good vibes!

This was Summer Fun on the 101! Dig the yellow bike in front, taking over the shot. From left to right, PS, Leonard, Duncan, Mack, and Danny. Afterwards we had endless salad and pizza. What a fun afternoon!

Here’s the scene at Rancho Santa Fe park playing music under the tent. Left to right, PS, Duncan, Mack, Danny, and Lizzi. Sorry but Tripp didn’t make it into the pic.

I still have 2 weeks of local music moments before I take to the friendly skies and head east to Copenhagen and the Canary Islands. That’ll be fun but for know here’s what’s up in Cali.

Friday afternoon the solo guitar excursion at Flower Hill continues on. It’ll be me drifting in the relaxing climes strumming the six strings, taking in the passerby’s. It’s a good time for certain.

In the evening on Friday we’re playing music at Dizzy’s in San Diego. The gig is led by drummer/composer Matt Smith and Mack will be on bass along with Ed Kornhauser on piano and me on guitar. We’re doing original songs by each of us plus Herbie Hancock’s classic “Tell Me a Bedtime Story” and Miles’ “All Blues”. It’ll be a good time and hope you can bust out and check us out…

Matt Smith group with Ed, Mack, Matt, and me.

Bending around the weekend, on Monday evening, Rebecca Jade and I are driving up to LA to play a show at Vitello’s Restaurant. Recently she’s been doing some jazz cruise ship gigs and she ran into a really good trio from LA. Together they played the Planet Cole Porter music and so she got the idea of doing a hit in LA and adding me into the loop. I heard some recordings of these folks and they are sounding fantastic! It’ll be a fun set and we’re playing the Cole Porter tunes plus some Beatles and Blood Sweat and Tears. Good times ahead!

Peter and Rebecca
photos by James Kaspar

That’s it friends and I leave you with this,

So when you hear it thunder
Don’t run under a tree
There’ll be pennies from heaven
For you and me

adios, Peter