Crooning on a Carrot Clarinet!

Good Day to you Folks, this was fun to watch:

CarrotClarinet_500He’s got skills with the electric drill. Also knows his produce and the pentatonic scale. Who knew the carrot could resonate like that. This teaches you to never downplay the versatility of vegetables.

Up for this week, one gig only and it’s special because Kevyn and I haven’t played together for a while. It’ll be the two of us at The Roxy on Saturday night. We’ve got Stevie tunes cued up along with Fats Waller, Lennon and McCartney, Sprague and Lettau, and Jimi Hendrix. It’ll be fun and break away if you can.

Peter and Kevyn photo by Michael Oletta

Peter and Kevyn
photo by Michael Oletta

That’s the news for today and thanks for tuning in.

all best, Peter

Tossing Lies!

Good Day to you all, it’s a short little dance this week for the gig email. Reason being, I’ve got only one public gig slated. The week is populated with a few private events and slew of studio work, but all of this under the radar to you, dear attentive gig email readers.

But first, this just came through.

Back in August the cool magazine Just Jazz Guitar (out of Atlanta, Georgia) decided my trip was worthy enough to conduct an extensive interview complete with stories of days of old mixed in with where it might all be headed. The fellow that conducted the interview (Joe Sullivan) is himself, a fine guitarist and writer and I think he asked good questions and led the discussion into some interesting areas. I had fun and if you want to see what lies we tossed around, follow this link.


Gearing it up for this week’s only Sprague public hit option, I’m hoping you might join us on Thursday for a night at the Oceanside Museum of Art. It’ll be music paired with gourmet appetizers, desserts and specialty wines served throughout the evening. In the loop for the music making is vocalist Leonard Patton, Tripp Sprague on the sax and flute, and me holding down the chords and the bass lines. We’ll explore jazz, samba, Hendrix, The Beatles, Hogey Charmichael, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Marley. Sounds fun to me!

Tripp, Leonard, and Peter

Tripp, Leonard, and Peter

That’s all she wrote for today and have a good one as we spin freely around the sun.

all best, Peter

The Exorcist Plays an Altered Dominant Chord!

Abundant Friends! It’s a pristine morning with a crisp offshore breeze, the music fills the air and it’s a good time to be alive. I’ve got a full studio day ahead but the night is free and we’ll hunt down dinner with friends and comb over the week’s details and then set the vision for what’s ahead.

Last week we had a wonderful final Road Work Ahead chapter, first at the Merc in Temecula with a sold out house and then a standing room only hit at Dizzy’s in Pacific Beach. Both shows had the band leaning into the music full on and then picking up the mic to tell the rest of the story. Bob Magnusson is retiring from music situations that strain his arthritic wrists and unfortunately our band fits that description. We don’t play all up tempos nor is every tune tricky and complicated but enough are to make it a stressful ride for him. We sure had a great run of 30 plus years of music and friendship and I’ll really miss it. I know I’ll still see Bob out in the water, surfing is infinite!

Looking down on RWA at Dizzy's! photo by Michael Oletta

Looking down on RWA at Dizzy’s!
photo by Michael Oletta

Bill Mays on piano. photo by Michael Oletta

Bill Mays on piano.
photo by Michael Oletta

Bob Magnusson on bass. photo by Michael Oletta

Bob Magnusson on bass.
photo by Michael Oletta

Jim Plank on drums.  photo by Michael Oletta

Jim Plank on drums.
photo by Michael Oletta

Me on the guitar in black and white. photo by Michael Oletta

Me on the guitar in black and white.
photo by Michael Oletta

Painted skull faces took over Old Town over the weekend as I played two nights at the Dia de los Muertos festival. It was great to see all of the painted faces and kids dominating the streets. I think my music, just as it is, is scary enough without me altering my approach or dressing up in costume. You know how it is, play a 13b9 chord for a young rocker’s ear and it’s akin to that scene where the girl’s head spins out of control in The Exorcist. Jazz music is mad!

You ever been to the Mission Trails Park in San Diego? What a beautiful setting and yesterday afternoon I got to play a solo concert in the theater at the visitors center. It’s a great setup with an enthusiastic audience and supreme acoustics. And best of all, SILENCE was our friend and companion. Heavens that was fun!


Gearing up for this week, I’ve got a show on Wednesday night at Dizzy’s with pianist Geoffrey Keezer and Toronto based vocalist Gillian Margot. Out of the gate, the instrumentation is unique and this alone ought to lead us into new sonic vistas. Keezer is an avatar of music and getting to be in his loop alone is worth the price of admission. Add in the beautiful vocals of Gillian and the night is illuminating as we speak. We’re meeting up tomorrow at SpragueLand to chart the course and we hope you can join us at Dizzy’s for some magic. Look below for the deets…

Gillian Margot

Gillian Margot

Last up for this week is a Sprague Family Roxy hit on Friday night. Young Kate Sprague (Tripp’s daughter) has some new tunes and Tripp and I’ll will tag along for the adventure. Should be great!

There it is friends and keep the sky in your head!

adios, Peter