Lovely Juliette!

Hey Surfers!

Hurricane Juliette is generating waves (still fairly small but it’s been a lake lately) so it’s all about cutting to the chase, gettin’ right to it, lock and load, get ‘er done.

We’d love you to join us for music and soul food on Friday night at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. It’ll be Leonard and I filling the air up with sound and it’ll be that much better having you and your ears in full on absorption mode. The downbeat is at 7:30 pm and we play two sets. See ya’!

I’ve got some funny chord going on and Leonard’s trying to memorize the fingering.
Photo by Steve Wood

hang ten, Peter

A Nuts and Bolts Refrigerator Day


Yesterday Tripp and I made the drive to Laguna Beach and because traffic was light, we ventured along the coast route. We discovered killer Mex food at Taco Surf in Dana Point! Right up our alley with surf vids blaring and mega sized plates of food fit for someone that has surfed all morning on an empty tank. Me! 

From there, sufficiently fueled up, we weaved our way to the Laguna Pageant Of the Masters, set up the gear and proceeded into the music sphere. What a great scene with full on listeners, the warmth of late August in the outdoors, and a nice and knowledgable sound man (Sid) to help us sound our best. 

The drive home was perfecto with zero cars clogging it up. Tripp and I listened to Jacob Collier defying aural gravity and made it home safely by 9pm.

That’s what I call a good day living the dream!

And then we have today, which is still good, but alas, haven’t yet touched the guitar or caught a wave in the pacific. It’s a nuts and bolts, hunt down a refrigerator, whip the email into shape, kind ‘o day. It’s gotta happen every now and then to keep the ship on course. 

Taco Surf’s interior is cluttered and beautiful!

Happy man, happy appliance!

The solo guitar Flower Hill gig is happening tomorrow (Friday) at 12:30 for those that are living the dream of being unbound from the workaday 9 to 5. Lets meet up and trance while our fellow workers are keeping the machinery of the universe purring.

Saturday at 3pm finds us (Leonard, Tripp, Gunnar, Duncan, and me) playing a concert at the Dove Library in Carlsbad. It’s a show sponsored by the Citizens for a Friendly Airport (C4FA). Here’s who they are:

C4FA is organized to educate the Carlsbad and surrounding communities about important McClellan-Palomar Airport issues impacting the character and quality of life in North County. C4FA’s goal is to bring transparency to the airport planning processes; respect the rights and history of the Carlsbad community; and to ensure a safe, functional and fiscally sound McClellan-Palomar Airport.

We’re looking forward to flying the friendly skies of jazz and samba. Hope to see you there!

The quintet with Peter, Gunnar, Leonard, Tripp and Duncan.

all the very best, Peter

Weather in My Head!


I’m still doing mild R & D on Donald Fagen and a friend turned me on to this cool interview:

and that led to exploring his Sunken Condos recording including a funny tune called “Weather in My Head”— a loping minor blues with great horns, sick BB King -ish guitar solo, and this refrain:

They may fix the weather in the world
Just like Mr. Gore said
But tell me what’s to be done
Lord – ’bout the weather in my head

I’m into it!

Up for this week on Saturday evening it’ll be Leonard and me playing a house concert in Cardiff. We did this gig last year and loved it. The music takes place in Ellen’s beautiful garden and lots of solid citizens will be in attendance and we’ll fill the air with Marley, Stevie, Lennon and McCartney, and some of our own hits and misses. Look below for the details and hope to see you there.

On Sunday evening Leonard and I will make our every now and then Solterra Winery appearance. It takes place in Leucadia and the food is great, wine aplenty, and our music. Guaranteed good time! 

This is from a while back with me and Leonard jammin’ at the Soltera Winery. Those barrels of wine made the room sound exceptionally good!

That’s the story for now, all the best, Peter