Zip Lining Through Fremont 

Friends! I’m back from a wild ride in Crazy Town! I joined the circus for a concert at Chapman College in Orange with Dianne Reeves and the band and from there we boarded an early morning flight to the mecca of madness—Las Vegas! We stayed at the Gold Diggers or is it the Golden Nugget? Funny name, hilarious place. It’s old style vintage Vegas, classic Frank Sinatra era at every turn. We played two shows and it was great music for an amped audience. Right outside the hotel the frantic world of the Fremont scene was in full swing. The highlight for me was the zip lines flying overhead complete with strapped in humans living out their superman flying fantasies. Vegas forever!

Here they come!

There they go!

Flying home just in time to do a noontime hit in downtown La Jolla at the Athenaeum yesterday. Great to be with Joshua White on piano and he had the clever notion of nothing planned, just make it up — freedom in sound. I loved every minute of it. It was a full on, around the block lined up turn out, hurray for free concerts serving up free music!

Before the concert starts, Joshua on the right laying the conceptual ground work.

Beautiful setting at the Athenaeum.

Up for this week, the always creative Leonard Patton is curating a concert series at Off Broadway Live in Santee and I’m thrilled to be included for a show on Thursday night. It’ll be just the two of us venturing off the page into the vast world of sound influenced by Hendrix, Cole Porter, The Beatles, the samba, the funk, the swing, Stevie Wonder, and our own creations. The venue is fantastic for sound and setup and I think you’ll love it!

Peter and Leonard in front of a big screen.

On Friday night I’m meeting up with Mack on bass and Duncan on drums for a creative hit at the Harbor Music Hall in Little Italy. What a fantastic spot for music! The whole street is pulsing with activity and inside the Music Hall folks are listening and digging the sounds and the city vibe. Can’t wait!

The trio with Mack, Duncan, and Peter.

Wonderful vocalist Gillian Margot is making the drive north along with my brother Tripp and together we’re having a night of music at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. It’ll be on Saturday night at 7:30 pm. If you haven’t yet heard Gillian sing you’re in for a special treat—her sound is gorgeous and unique and she chooses some clever songs, a real mix of standards, Brazilian gems, Stevie Wonder,and I’m stoked that she learned a few tunes of mine. We’ll have fun and it’ll be even better if you’re there with us… See ya’!

Gillian Margot

Sunday isn’t a day of rest here at SpragueLand and instead it’s the last concert of the week, this time in Fallbrook. It’ll be Beth Ross Buckley on flute along with Fred Benedetti on guitar, Gunnar on bass, Duncan on drums, and me playing the twin neck. We’re playing my Sanctuary Suite composition along with more of my originals for a true chamber jazz experience. It all takes place at the Fallbrook Library which is a favorite venue for us musos as it sounds good and people really listen and stay quiet. We like it quiet except for the inspired hoots and hollers fueled by enthusiasm. Hope to see you there!

Camarada ensemble with Peter, Duncan, Beth, Fred, and Gunnar.
photo by Rick Sokol.

Thanks for tuning in folks and see you on the next loop, Peter 

A Potentially Painless Adventure North

Friends, I’m zipping off tomorrow to join the mini tour with vocalist Dianne Reeves and her band of amazing musos! First stop is Chapman University in Orange, CA. Hey, that’s an hour from here so if you’re thinking you’d like to hear us, you could semi painlessly venture out and join the traffic flow heading north. It won’t be that bad and the music should be great. Look below for more details and I’m told there are still tickets available.

Band photo as we’re readying to leave Mack Island. From left to right, Peter Martin, Branford Marsalis (who was playing the day we left), Terryon Gully, Paul Booth (sound man, tour manager), Dianne Reeves, Peter, and Anna Redmond (Dianne’s personal assistant).

From there we head out to Las Vegas for a Saturday night show. Then I zip home just in time to play a special duo concert with maestro Fred Benedetti on Sunday. Fred’s amazing and we pepper the program with ample Beatles plus some of my tunes and a classic Fred flamenco ditty. Should be great and we’d love to have you along.

Peter and Fred dancing on the double necks!

Turning the corner around the week I’m teaming up with pianist Joshua White for a concert at The Athenaeum in La Jolla on Monday. It’s a noontime gig and this cat plays up a storm. Big fun!

Joshua White live at Dizzy’s.
photo by Bonnie Wright

Short and quick, gotta run! Coming real soon a new solo guitar CD plus our Planet Cole Porter CD will be right behind that.

all best, Peter

Governor On My Intellect!

Good Day Sunshine! I might of said it before (The Beatles beautifully said it before) but what else do you call it when the crisp morning air is augmented by a forever blue sky and welcoming warming sun on the rise? It’s gonna be a good one today friends!

I like these days where you get a lot of sleep, feeling clear with plenty of energy to take it all on. Smart—it’s good to be smart in these moments.  Quite unlike those days where I’m out late at a gig and because of my life long up with the sun, early morning surf ritual, I’m compromised. The rest of the day there’s a governor on my intellect, slowing my brain activity and robbing away mini pockets of energy. Urgghh, that’s what you get for taking up a career in jazz.

Wouldn’t trade it in though…

My guitar taking in a good day of flowers and sun.

The Sprague Brothers are riding again this Wednesday night at The Roxy! We’ll keep riding as long as you keep responding with that spirited Encinitas enthusiasm. It’ll be Tripp and me along with some guests starting at 6:30pm. Big fun ahead and hope to see you there…

The Sprague’s riding again! That fellow on the left is a bully but we’re smiling in spite of it. Left to right Kevin the bully, Peter, Terry (our sister) and little Tripp. On the beach in Del Mar back in the 60’s.

Next Leonard, Tripp, and I are heading out once again to the desert to play a concert at the Rancho Mirage Library. It’ll be a free show on Thursday night and we’ve been fortunate to be included in this music series for the last few years. It’s a beautiful venue with good sound and an attentive audience. I know it’s a long way from here but maybe pass along the good news to your desert friends. We’d love to meet them!

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

And then we’re back for a night of incredible jazz singing with vocalist Sinne Eeg zipping in from Denmark. She’s a true jazzer, beautifully shaping the melody and then scatting like nobody’s business. The band is Sinne on vocals, bassist Gunnar Biggs, drummer Duncan Moore, and me on guitar. We’ll play a few jazz standards, some of Sinne’s original music which traverses from bossa nova to even a neo-country tune (Scandinavian cowboy jazz), and we’ve got a few of my originals in there too. It all takes place at Dizzy’s in San Diego on Morena Blvd. on Saturday night. You’ll love it!

Sinne Eeg, Danish vocalist.

That’s the story for today and thanks for joining in. See ya’ on the next loop, best, Peter