The Message Sent on the Wind!

Greetings Friends, I’m on the run so here you go with the report from the wind as it whisks past the side door of my car.

Later today we’re concertizing at Point Loma Nazarene University with pianist Paul Kenyon. Paul’s been a teacher there for many years and he’s playing this last concert and then moving on to new musical vistas. I first met him when he recorded a solo piano CD at SpragueLand. He’s a beautiful player and a great guy. For tonight he’s doing some classical music with a small ensemble to start off and then bringing in myself, Duncan on drums, and Gunnar on bass to play some of his jazz music. It’ll be a fun night and the concert hall at the university is a great place for music.

Paul Kenyon

Paul Kenyon

One of my long time musical heroes and a fellow whose career has been and continues to be on an amazing arc is bassist Nathan East. Back in the late 70’s Nate was living in San Diego and we were all fortunate to have him in our bands. He brought funk and joy to any situation he was in and it was absolute magic when Nate was in the house. He’s played with Eric Clapton, Daft Funk, Phil Collins, Herbie Hancock, and pretty much everyone else who ever hit it big time. Check out his website and it’ll blow your mind!

Nate has a wonderful new (and his first ever as a leader) CD and he’s currently on a promo tour. Last night he was at the Guitar Center in La Mesa and tomorrow night he’ll be at the Guitar Center in San Marcos. I’m going and can’t wait to hear him and get an update on the state of BASS in the world of music. He’s the ONE!

Here are the details in case you want to make it out.

Nathan East

Nathan East

that’s it and thanks for checking in, Peter


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