Spinning Sonic Ditties

Friends, I’m just spinning off of a songwriting spree with three new sonic ditties ready to take flight. That’ll be next week but the news of NOW is:

Thursday night with vocalist Nina Francis at 98 Bottles! Nina and three of her fellow USC music cohorts mix it up with us old guys (Peter, Tripp, and Gunnar) for a night of jazz, folk, and originals. She’s got it going on and we’re geared for a great night!


I’m stoked to have Lisa Hightower and Gunnar join me at Ki’s on Friday night for a mix of music and supreme food. It’s been a while since this trio did our thing and it’ll be fun to bring that sound back. See you there!

Lisa Hightower and Peter. photo by Michael Oletta

Lisa Hightower and Peter.
photo by Michael Oletta

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back early next week for some cool news….all best, Peter

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