San Dieguito Academy Theatre – Encinitas, CA – 09/29/13


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  1. Kristen Lee Richetti says:

    Hi Peter!

    I so enjoyed last week’s concert in Encinitas on the grass! What talented group of musicians… all on the same stage right in front of me!! I can’t wait for this Sunday’s Brasil event! It was an honor to finally meet you!

    Thank you so much for providing these amazing opportunities to gather together and breathe in the joy of such incredible music!

    See you again this Sunday!

    Warm regards,
    Kristen……I was the one with the Pug!! She’ll be coming with me again too!

  2. jim lewis says:

    I would like to see you tomorrow, but the link dosent work, and mapquest dosent show anything but an adult school?

  3. sebastian felix says:

    i was wondering, what was the 1st song u guys played today, it was my favorite and i didnt catch what u guys said in the start. if you could please give me feedback, that’d be awesome, thanks.