Rhyming Like the Villains of Nash

Greetings Good People, this morning Bach is floating puffy little combinations of perfect interweaving harmonies into the air waves (say hello to the Brandenburg Concertos). It’s setting up an elegant vibe here at the corporate offices of SpragueLand. Bach is kicking a**!

I’ve been hard at work writing grant proposals for future music projects that hopefully will come true of which I can share with you. Dang, that almost sounds like a song lyric with a Nashville-like rhyming scheme. Anyway, it’s been fun, the deadlines are looming, but today I get to return back to the guitar for some quality R&D time. I’m prepping for my next solo guitar video session at the end of the week. And by the way, thanks a mil for all of your interest and support from last week’s YouTube vids. A bunch of people had fun with it and the idea of the sheet music helping to illuminate the details has been a mini-hit!

Peter with little Rocky dog coming up with rhyming schemes. photo by Michelle Ramey

Peter with little Rocky dog working on their rhyming schemes.
photo by Michelle Ramey

I’ve got a lot of playing lined up for this week starting off with a duo hit at Cal State San Marcos on Wednesday night. It’ll be Leonard and I playing, talking, and demonstrating what we like in music. We played this series last year and it was a hoot!

Leonard and Peter gearing it up for the college gig. photo by Barbara Rix

Leonard and Peter gearing it up for the college gig.
photo by Barbara Rix

Next up, the Roxy Revolution with me and the machines stirring up sonic mischief in downtown Encinitas continues on. It’ll be on Thursday night and the strawberry smoothies are awaiting you!

It’ll be a full day of driving and playing on Saturday as I start out with a free solo concert at the Rancho San Diego Library. From there I’ll morph over to Harry’s in La Jolla for a nighttime duo gig with bassist Gunnar Biggs. Both places are good listening spots where the music reigns supreme! Hope to see you there.

And the week closes with an early Sunday morning flight to San Francisco to play the amazing Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society hit with Sri Keezer and vocalist Denise Donatelli. The band is stellar and I’m told this concert venue at Half Moon Bay is one of the best setups ever. Can’t wait!

Denise Donatelli

Denise Donatelli

There you go and big thanks for reading along. Play on and I’ll see you where the music is flowing, Peter


In 2001 I brought together a bunch of tracks that I’d been working on that shared the common theme of gentle and melodic and released a CD called The Light Dance. It features Steve Kujala on flute plus my regular gang of musos that I love working with. For the song “Uluwatu” we have flute and harp playing the melody over a hypnotic African 6/8 percussion groove. It’s a great color and instrument combination. “Uluwatu” is the name of a legendary surf spot in Bali and I’ve used this track on one of my own home surf movies too. It’s surf music for the new millennium! Check it out!