Reverb to the Rescue!

Good Folks, I’m listening to some classic Chick Corea sides (the first Return to Forever recording) on ECM and it’s as it has always been, ON FIRE! Burning Fender Rhodes, Stanley’s completely filling up the low end with some killin’ busy bass playing, Airto’s subdividing and Flora never sounded better. And dang, they all love their REVERB! Worship is a more apt description. Lush!

In Brasil some fellow told me they call reverb:


Turn up the church!
Drench it and wipe out sonic mishaps!
Reverb to the rescue!

It does work magic and we musos tend to love it.

It was an eye opener when I started doing some recording work with Sean and Sara Watkins from Nickel Creek with their brave excursions into a world with pretty much no reverb. Dry as a bone and personal and intimate. Gorgeous!

As you might have guessed I’ve been buried in the studio with a bunch of projects moving along. It’s been fun with music all over the map. From sanskrit chant music to Latin piano songs to wrapping up jazz saxophonist’s Steve Feierabend’s latest project. There’s a bunch more coming down the way and I’m loving it!

A few press highlights emerged last week and check out this cool article about “3 Faces to Watch in Pop & Jazz in 2014.” It came out in the San Diego Union Tribune and was written by music critic George Varga. It highlights our very own Leonard Patton along with film composer Larry Groupe and folkster Gayle Skidmore. Leonard’s got a full plate with Lamb’s Playhouse theatre productions, a new jazz recording, and my personal favorite, gigs with Peter! He’s one of the best and I love when we do our duo thing. We’ll be at it next week at Ki’s in Cardiff. Yay on Leo!

Leonard Patton photo by K.C.Alfred

Leonard Patton
photo by K.C.Alfred

Another sweet surprise was our string recording Dr. Einstein’s Spin was selected as number on the “Top 10 SD Jazz Releases of 2013” in jazz critic Robert Bush’s ongoing NBC music blog. I’m thrilled and stoked that he got where we we’re going with this project. It’s an adventurous outing and when folks resonate, well, we, the artists also resonate. Click here for the read.

A bunch of my music compadres also made the list and indeed check out their CD’s as well. Great music all!

To celebrate this week’s good news the Dr. Einstein’s Spin cd and download will be discounted at the store for this week only. Use this coupon:


May you venture forth and take the “Spin” for a spin.


The Christmas concert video still isn’t done. It’s getting closer and I think by next week it’ll be ready to fly. I’ll let you know.

The only gig this week is coming up on Thursday night at the Roxy. I’ll be there playing solo and it’s always a fine blend of Encinitas bohemia, jazz improvisation, and expertly spiced falafel balls. Tuning up the guitar now!

That’s it and thanks for reading. adios, Peter