Ocean In Your Eyes

Greetings Good Folks, riffing your way via the alphabet with Bob Dylan’s “New Morning” filling the airwaves. Have you heard this tune?

Can’t you hear that rooster crowing ?
Rabbit running down across the road
Underneath the bridge where the water flows through 
So happy just to see you smile 
Underneath the sky of blue
On this new morning with you.

Every time I hear this tune it takes me back to those early morning surf sessions where we’d freeze out before school started. The sun was on the rise and even though the school 9Am alarm would reel us in, the morning was still a free moment brimming with possibilities.

Can’t you feel that sun a-shinning ? 
Ground hog running by the country stream
This must be the day when all of my dreams come true
So happy just to be alive 
Underneath the sky of blue
On this new morning with you. 

Bob Dylan “New Morning”

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest recording!


It’s a collection of ten of my original songs, jazz and samba, brought to life by some amazing vocalists, lyricists and musicians. I like singers! You play the intro, set up the tune, and if the singer has it right, the song takes off and you’re carried away into the magic of the song. Most of the songs are new but a few of the pieces are tunes that I’ve recorded before as instrumentals and now they’re outfitted with a lyric and a spirited vocalist. Also new are my explorations in writing for a vocal ensemble. Check out the sound that the True North singers brought to this project!

Click the album cover above and you’ll be transported to a place where you can listen and read more about the new CD. If you listen closely you’ll figure out why I call the recording Ocean In Your Eyes. In fact, the first person that contacts me with the correct answer as to where the title comes from will be awarded a free, autographed CD sent to their home. Turn it up and check it out!

Also, just looking ahead, we’re playing a special

OceanEyesCDReleaseConcertWe’ve got the whole crew lined up and ready to jam. Hope you can make it and click here for more details.


Check out my hero Paul McCartney in this video singing a demo of “For No One”. I’ve seen a ton of Beatle footage but I’ve never seen this one. I’m blown away with how effortless he sings and plays the guitar along with his concepts of where the French horns should go and how the arrangement should play out. Gorgeous!



After 50 years, the San Diego Opera will stage its last performance on April 13, 2014. Last Wednesday, its board voted 33-1 to close this priceless cultural institution.
Keep the music going and here’s a link to sign the petition if you wish.

Last Week

Leonard and I made the desert trek to Yuma last week and had a spirited concert topped off with a Chili’s veggie burger session staring down the TV’s trying to help the SDSU basketball team win against Arizona. Leonard knew all of the game details and he had to keep his enthusiasm somewhat in check as we were deep in Arizona territory. Enthusiasm aside, we lost…urgghhhh…

Next up we played a wonderful hit at the First United Methodist Church in Chula Vista. What a cool venue! We won!

Leonard and Peter winning in Chula Vista! photo by Kevin Kinnear

Leonard and Peter winning in Chula Vista!
photo by Kevin Kinnear

This Week

Coming up we’re playing a concert on Friday night at Grossmont College with Blurring the Edges. That’s Fred on guitar, Tripp on sax, flute and percussion and me on the twin neck. These shows are always a hoot with jazz, blues, Beatles, samba, flamenco, boogaloo and Fats Waller music spilling forth. See you there!

Peter and Fred dancing on the double necks!

Peter and Fred dancing on the double necks!

There it is friends, thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

adios, Peter