Meditation Minds Running Amuck!

Greeting Coastal Foggonians! The days are magical and the mornings are absolute Hogwarts—fogged in and mysto. The surf continues and I’m woodshedding a transposed version of “Whisper Not”. Endless descending bass lines and shifting keys. Classic jazz at it’s best!

We had 2 wonderful concerts with Beth and the Camarada gang over the weekend. Great sound with enthused audience members make it a joy to operate the heavy machinery (tricky tunes). Lets do it again when the time is right!

Camarada jazz at the Mingei with the cool view from the top. photo by Rick Sokol

Camarada jazz at the Mingei with the cool view from the top.
photo by Rick Sokol

For this week I’m thrilled to be part of the SOKA University’s “Celebrating Benny Golson” concert held all day on Saturday. I’m in a group led by the amazing vocalist Karrin Allyson, who I’ve never played with but have loved listening to over the years. She’s the real deal and her vibe is jazz and samba. For this gig we’re throwing in some of Benny’s classic tunes too. On bass is Hamilton Price and on drums is Duncan Moore.

We open up the all day event but also on the bill will be The Kenny Barron trio, Buster Williams & Bennie Maupin Group, and the Benny Golson Quartet. I’m sure looking forward to playing and getting to hear the other groups. Look to the gig calendar for more information.

Karrin Allyson

Karrin Allyson

Benny Golson

Benny Golson

On Monday night I’m playing soft solo guitar music for an ongoing meditation event that my friend John St. Clair holds at his house in Cardiff. We’ve played house concerts there before and he even has a built in stage in his main room. This will be fun and it’ll be a good ride to play gentle music and leave space for everyone’s own mind to run amuck! If you’ve never tried, meditation is hard work!

cosmic peter

This is what it’s like inside Peter’s mind when he lets things go. Swirl factory!

Next week I’m heading out for a two week run with Dianne Reeves and the group. First off we have a show in Newport News, Virginia at the Ferguson Center for the Arts. Next we head to NYC for multiple days of rehearsals leading into 2 nights at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Then one day off and finally we zip to Poland to play at the Lotos Jazz Festival in Bielsko-Biala. I’ve never been there and I’m hoping that it’s warm and that there is surf. Hah! I don’t have the correct clothes to stay warm. Do you think Birkenstocks work well in the snow?


There it is my friends and thanks for reading. Hope to see you out there this weekend!

all best, Peter