Lamenting the Cement

Greetings Friends! Today it’s a story of a cement road. One day you can drive to L.A. and it’s a crawl fest and then another time, if the Caltrans sprites are looking after you, you can get in, do your thing and then zip back and start breathing again. Such it has been for me with both the good and bad versions. Yesterday’s saga was heaven up and back. I had a great time hanging out with zen mixing engineer Rich Breen gleaning studio techniques and hidden protocols. Can you say delay with a panning mod 2nd in line, spreading the digital magic across the sonic landscape? Rich hipped me to it…

Today we rehearsed for tomorrow. Pianist Danny Green has lined us up to play a concert at the Balboa Park Museum of Art’s Sculpture Garden. Big fun, it sounded good and the music is tricky but the guys are devouring the details. See you there I hope!

Today at SpragueLand with Peter, Julien and Danny. Justin had to bolt right from the rehearsal, sorry you didn't get in the picture.

Today at SpragueLand with the detail devour-ers. Peter, Julien and Danny. Justin had to bolt right from the rehearsal, sorry he didn’t get in the picture.

This is weird—on Friday morning at 7am Kevyn and I are playing a live internet concert. We’ve never done this before but I think there’s some truth the idea. Someday we may all be doing more of this and I’m stoked to give it a first time whirl.

Here’s how the technology works for a show like this:

We play at SpragueLand into great mics and gear, send the output signal to another computer that is connected to the internet, the video and audio feed go out to the digital unknown and you watch, listen, comment, ask questions, make requests, donate loving financial tips if so inspired, and all of this taking place at a ridiculous hour of the day in your own home. The reason for the early time is that we’re trying to appeal to Kevyn’s Philippine fans.

Check out the below vid for a little taste of what’s coming. Oh yeah, if you want to tune in you should buy a ticket and the ticket cost is whatever you want to pay. You can’t beat that! (Well maybe you can! You could sleep right on through it and we won’t blame you in the least).


Leonard is in the house and that house will be Ki’s Restaurant on Friday night. Dig it!

Peter and Leonard singing for their supper!

Peter and Leonard singing for their supper!

If the idea of Kevyn and me in the early morning isn’t working with your flow, how about this—Peter and Kevyn live at the Roxy on Saturday night. Let it loose, it’s summer and downtown Encinitas is on fire!

Maestro Benedetti has invited me to play a show with him at the La Jolla Arts Festival on Sunday late morning. Last week the two of us took in some classic teeny bad surf in Cardiff and then eased on over to Ki’s for a killer tofu scrambler. It was a great day then and I see another great Fred hang sesh coming on Sunday in La Jolla. Hope to see you there!

Peter and Fred dancing on the double necks!

Peter and Fred dancing on the double necks!

There it is and see on the next one, Peter


“Em Forte Latim”
This tune is on our Friends For Life recording and vocalist Andy Villas Boas sounds so beautiful and relaxing. Wow! I haven’t heard the tune in ages and hearing it takes me back to when I first met Andy when he was a little kid. It turns out his mom and my mom we’re both family therapists practicing at the same office in Solana Beach. I met Andy way back then, he loved music and he kept at it. Years later, embracing his Brazilian roots, he came up with this beautiful music. What a treat! Check it out!