Ipanema Man

Greetings Good People, it’s a moment of Jobim jazz, Stone Flower, Children’s Games and Desafinado. I’ve got Antonio on the box and I’m practicing up for a night at Dizzy’s with a wonderful group of musos, celebrating the brilliance of the Man from Ipanema. Brazilian vocalist Maria Rosa has organized this hit and you know it’ll be a great time when the theme of the night is Jobim. See you there!


I haven’t played the Roxy solo for a while and I’m stoked to return on Thursday for a set of guitar explorations. I’ve got my looper and I’ve got my chords so lets go sailing!

Me grinning and picking at Mulberry St. in Studio City way back in the day.

Me grinning and picking at Mulberry St. in Studio City way back in the day.

Saturday night I’m playing Dizzy’s again and for this concert it’ll be a dynamic and non-traditional trio consisting of East Coast saxophonist Brian Levy, pianist Mikan Z. and yours truly on la guitara. We played in this format 6 months ago and had a great time and rustled up this review where Robert Bush reports, “a knockout concert of modern jazz at its finest, dispelling the notion that a rhythm section is absolutely necessary for potent music making.”

Hope to see you there!


Speaking of reviews, I just had a nice profile in Chamber Music Magazine that explores my life as a composer. Check ‘er out…

The propaganda machine runneth over…

That’s it for now and thanks for reading along, Peter


It’s a week of Jobim and I know we’re playing “Wave” at Dizzy’s and I thought it’d be fun to revisit the version we recorded on Pass the Drum a few years back. We’ve got Coral MacFarland Thuet singing into the stratosphere as the band chucks the bossa nova and instead is swinging a la Elvin Jones. Tripp’s channeling ‘Trane and I’m playing McCoy Tyner fourth chords . This isn’t your garden variety lounge-ish version but instead the phrases are elongated, meters are shifting, the chord changes are breaking all kinds of rules — and I’m digging it! If you’re in the mood to hear “Wave” travel to a completely new place, check ‘er out!