How Do You Rehearse the Future?

Dear Friends, I’ve been thick into the explorations and arranging of Astor Piazzolla’s tango music plus, adding in some classic Latin songs recommended by songstress Coral.  All of this in preparation for an upcoming concert next week at the San Dieguito Academy outdoor amphitheater. Tomorrow morning we’re going for a trial run with the band, we’re throwing a REHEARSAL! In fact, this and next week are rehearsal bonanzas with many scheduled and many new tunes to learn. We have a flurry of upcoming shows.

It’s all a good ride, tons of work, but necessary to pull off the magic of a having a slick concert.

And wouldn’t you know, along comes Wayne to the rescue!

Check out this wonderful interview with a true avatar of music and life, Wayne Shorter at 80 years old:


I love this guy!

So the interviewer asks, “do you guys rehearse a lot?”

Wayne replies “how can you rehearse the future?”

The interviewer says, “ah but you wouldn’t give that advice to some young musician coming up, would you?”

Wayne says “I heard this tape of Charlie Parker giving a lesson and the student was overwhelmed by having to learn all of the scales and arpeggios in the different keys, ‘do I have to do this?’ and Bird replies ‘absolutely yes and then you have to forget it’”.

Zen Wayne!

So I’m not sure how this plays into our little world but I know one thing for sure, the rehearsal’s still on for 11am tomorrow!

Keeping Wayne's mantra's front and center, after writing out Piazzolla's "Adios Nonino" I'm trying to forget it!

Keeping Wayne’s mantra’s front and center, after writing out Piazzolla’s “Adios Nonino” I’m now trying to forget it!

Coming up for this week, on Thursday night I’m happy to be back at the Roxy in Encinitas for my continuing ride into the beautiful bohemia of downtown Encinitas. It’s solo guitar explorations with a sunrise smoothie on the side. See you there!


My sonic partner in crime Leonard Patton joins me on Friday night for an evening of jazz at Ki’s Restaurant located at the ocean in Cardiff. It’s a classic hang with great food and music. Afterwards, if it’s warm enough we can all go for a swim in the wild blue. Can’t wait!

Rounding out the week is a fun Saturday night house concert at John St. Claire’s music abode. Joining me is Allison Adams Tucker on vocals and this gal can sing! She’s featured on my Calling Me Home cd on the track called “Cantar” and we’ve done several shows together over that last few years. Allison has her own recordings and I’ve been privileged to be part of them, both in playing and mixing. She sings in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French and we have many of these tunes planned for this concert.

Have you ever been to a house concert? House concerts are super soulful, everyone sitting close and experiencing the music in a special way. Look below for the details and we hope to see you there!


There it is and thanks for tuning in. Remember to keep the sky in your head and to let go of future rehearsing…

best, Peter


Kevyn Lettau and I we’re deep into Brazilian music and the samba ruled our airwaves. We wrote “Cantar” and performed it a million times at Elarios and the Belly Up Tavern. Weird as it was, we never got around to recording it. When I was putting together the music for the Calling Me Home record I thought of this song. I’d just discovered Allison Adams Tucker’s singing and it seemed like a good fit. The track came out great and I’m thrilled to have it on the CD. And if you’re wondering about the roots of that cool “cantar, cantar, cantar, etc.” rhythmic 5 against 4 vocal lick that happens in a few places in the tune, that hails back to the period of time that Ron Satterfield was singing with our band. One night he came up with that phrase and we all dug it. It stuck! Thanks Ron. Check it out here!