Giving It To The Singers!

Friends, salutations from my springtime perch here at the offices of SpragueLand. The surf is slightly up, the conditions are perfect and I’ll make this email quick as I need to get over to Tripp’s house to make a rehearsal. We’re gearing for tomorrow’s Bop Mod hit.

Thanks a mil for the wonderful email responses and the actual buying of the new Ocean In Your Eyes CD. It’s a RAGE! It’s a jazz RAGE (meaning it’s a small RAGE compared to say, a Michael Jackson RAGE). Small but mighty and so much appreciated.

My good friend and jazz singer deluxe Denise Donatelli said, “I LOVE the CD! Didn’t know you were such an awesome lyricist. Thank you for giving it to the singers!!”

I dig that phrase, “giving it to the singers”. Thanks Denise!

And then Adrian, bless his heart, went on and on and finally reported, “I really hate sounding like a ‘fan-boy’ and I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I think this is the best I’ve ever heard you play.” Wow, love it and thanks for the kindness.

Let the REVOLUTION press on!


Up for this week we’re playing a show tomorrow night at the Rancho Bernardo Library. It’ll be my Bop Moderno group, this time featuring Curtis Taylor on trumpet, subbing for Gilbert Castellanos. Gilbert’s out on tour and he said Curtis was the man to fill in for him. I heard a snippet of Curtis online and he’s playing up a storm. Can’t wait and I know it’s going lift off!

Bop Moderno with (left to right) Tripp, Peter, Gunnar, Duncan, and Gilbert. photo by Kylie Sprague

Bop Moderno with (left to right) Tripp, Peter, Gunnar, Duncan, and Gilbert.
photo by Kylie Sprague

Last up for the week, we’re heading out to Rancho Mirage to play a concert at the library. I’ve been there before to play with Denise Donatelli and Geoffrey Keezer and it’s an amazing performance space filled to the brim with enthusiastic jazz listeners. For this show it’ll be Leonard on vocals, Tripp on sax and flute and me on the guitar. It’s a long drive and so I know most of you won’t make it but please pass along the news if you know someone out there that might dig the experience. Bring on the heat!


That’s it for now and thanks for the read…all best, Peter

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  1. bill sprague says:

    Peter— I can’t tell you how much I was blowen away by your music on june 24th at city college. also enjoyed our talk after the concert regarding our Sprague ancestors. If I could play guitar one 10th as well as you do, I’d still be on the road instead of retiring 30+ years ago.Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again soon Bill Sprague