Further with Ken Kesey!

Greetings! Samba plays on the box and there’s a change in the weather. I’ve got a sweater on and my little dog Rocky is hunting for sun spots on the carpet. Fall is easing in and I’m digging it.We had a stellar show last weekend at the Tango with Yosuke and Joe Powers. It was a nice blend of songs from each of us and these guys really brought it! Mix in the supreme visual clash that is the Tango del Rey’s interior, it was like a ride on Ken Kesey’s Magic Bus taking a spin through PB, soundtrack supplied by yours truly. You’re either on the bus or off the bus! Further!

Trading guitar licks with Yosuke! From left to right, Duncan, Peter, Yosuke, and Joe Powers.

Band hang at the end with (left to right) George Nagata, Peter, Joe Powers, Gunnar Biggs, Yosuke, and Duncan Moore.

Denise Donatelli

I’ve been in the shed working out the fingerings and timings for Denise Donatelli’s songbook, readying the guitar for 2 nights at Vitello’s. The band is led by avatar Geoffrey Keezer and we’re playing and celebrating the release of Denise’s new recording Soul Shadows. It’s a beautiful CD and Denise’s singing is really good! Check out her scat solo on the Pamplamouse tune “Another Day”. Wow that’s wicked! Vitello’s is in L.A. so pass along the word to anyone up there that might dig the gig.

On last week’s gig email I listed that I would be playing on October 11 at the Roxy for my regular Thursday night solo guitar hit.

Please note that I’m not going to be there this week as it’s my birthday.

Instead I’m taking it slow for the night. It’ll be fun to have the day off.

Also up for this week is a stellar magic fete of a day on Sunday where I’ll drive back from L.A. in the morning, then make my way to La Jolla to play 2 sets at the Art and Wine Festival. From there, high-tail it to Little Italy to play a set with Fred Benedetti at the Little Italy Festa. Packing ‘em in folks! Get it while it’s hot! See you there!

That’s the news for this week and still keeping the sky in my head…adios, Peter