Funk-i-fied Weather!

Greetings Good People, I’m just back from some of the world’s most funk-a-fied weather to, well, weather currently getting funky as we speak. I guess the lasting effects of the summer warmth are easing off. All good things come to pass.

Bundled up at University of Puget Sound. Kylie, Troy (Ky’s cousin) and Stef.

Funky weather, the deluxe version, was in full regalia in Tacoma, Washington last weekend. That’s where myself, Stef, Stef’s mom Anne, and our nephew Troy carried out a mission to visit our daughter Kylie living it UP at her college. Picture non-ending drizzle rain, day and night. I’m thinking it’s actually perfect weather to justify being indoors, studying and buckling down. At least that’s what I’m hoping is going on. I know one thing, they aren’t prancing down to the swimming pool in their bikinis. That’ll have to wait until summer comes around again in SoCal.

Kylie is doing really well, good friends, relaxed, and liking the flow at Puget Sound. We’re happy and even happier knowing that Thanksgiving is around the bend and she’ll be coming back to see us. No, actually her friends. Hah! This life as a parent has twists and turns…

Here’s an alphabet montage from the trip:

Washington, kids sleeping in until noon, an attempt to barbecue in the rain, tables set but the drizzle factor is in full affect. Hamburger sliders, no ketchup, any veggie burgers hovering? Alumni ultimate frisbee game goes on even though they’re playing on a virtual slippery slide. Hard core! Marathon Target shopping sesh, Kylie’s in heaven. We’re far up north, it’s 7am and it’s still dark. Side adventure to Seattle-Thai food with cool rap artists spreading a good vibe. Touring the college and stumbling upon frat row. One of the houses has a mini football stadium setup in the front yard. Hey parents, this is how your college buckaroos get allocated. The flight home pushes through the grey thick clouds and that’s finally how you see the sun when you live up there. Hmmm, super glad I live where I live.


Coming up for this week, I’ll be at the Roxy on Thursday night serving up the solo guitar mix. It’ll be good to be back.

And on Saturday, the gang and I are driving up to Julian to share our trip with the good folks on the mountain. We’re playing a show at the Julian Library and I’ve done it before and it’s a great scene. Good sound and excellent, kind people. Hope to see you out there.

The Julian Crew. Peter, Leonard and Tripp. Bob Magnusson is on the concert too but I didn’t have a picture with the 3 of us.

That’s the story for today. Onwards and upwards, Peter