From Reconcilling Quickbooks to Weird Hand X-rays

Dear Good People, it’s a whirlwind over here and since I last saw you (in print that is) I’ve been:

  • Learning to properly reconcile SpragueLand’s balance sheets with the guidance of Quickbooks guru Mary.
  • Massaging out the last kinks for the upcoming “Susan Variations” vids; one highlighting the performance and one explaining how I came up with the weirdness. Coming to you soon!
  • In the studio recording a new Peter Jorgensen tune with Leonard on the vocal mic.
  • Out to dinner to Native Foods with Stef, Kylie and a few of her friends. Super fun and killin’ organic eats! Try the vegan nachos!
  • Wrapping up a recording project with guitarist Tony Taravella and his all-star back up band with Tripp, Duncan, Mike Wofford and Bob Magnusson.
  • Interesting meeting with Jim Gilliam and Chris Montgomery about a possible future Encinitas Jazz Festival. We’re taking over the world, one small town at a time! Hah!
  • A full on flowing solo concert at the Vista Library plus a special berry cobbler gift from 2 gifted epicurean Ramona fans.
  • Gathering print media positive reviews and most recently, the Mikan/Brian Levy/Peter show got the attention of Sire Robert Bush. He reports, “a knockout concert of modern jazz at its finest, dispelling the notion that a rhythm section is absolutely necessary for potent music making.” To take in the complete account click here.
  • Attending a concert with Roni Ben Hur and his group. Super cool music and Duduka on drums totally floored me. What a beautiful groove that fellow lays down. Also ran into Mundell Lowe and Oscar Castro Neves at the concert and we’re organizing a concert for us to all play together.
  • Had a fun walk in east Encinitas with Ky and Stef and little Rocky boy was on it too. We carried him for part of it ‘cuz he’s got a small stride and it’s just not fair.
  • High tech gear hang with David and I exploring his guitar synth, making me drool with future possibilities. He also showed me X-rays of when his hand fell off his, well, hand, and the resultant metal plate and screws that keep things in one place. Talk about hanging on by a thread…
  • Two big days in the studio tracking for vocalist/pianist Matt Falker’s new CD project. He had a stellar band with Roger on bass and Sammy K on drums. Cool music indeed!
  • Squeaking in little daily interludes of biking to the beach and either surfing, doing yoga, or swimming to keep the sanity and the sky in my head. It’s working I think!
  • Mixing sax man Steve Feierabend’s new jazz project which was tracked up in SF. It’s sounding good complete with Steve’s original compositions too!
Our east Encinitas walk with Kylie and Stef carrying the little Rocky Boy. He did most of the walk on his own 2 legs but started to wear down.

Our east Encinitas walk with Kylie and Stef carrying the little Rocky Boy. He did most of the walk on his own 2 legs but then started to wear down.

And tonight I forgo the beloved reoccurring Roxy gig and instead make the drive to the RB Inn to share the sound and to bolster the bank account.

I’ve got some cool stuff coming up down the way including a wacky 7am bright and early internet concert with Kevyn. But for this week, I’ll see you at the Sunday solo guitar brunch at the Craftsman in Encinitas. I played this gig a few weeks back and had a great time and turnout. Folks liked the food too so maybe we’ll see you there…

summer on good people, Peter


Got to thinking about deep drum grooves after hearing Duduka and this thought led me to this track from my 1985 Concord record release Na Pali Coast. Peter Erskine was our drummer and his groove is a 4 lane freeway heading straight to the capital of groove. Through all the tune’s tricky twists and turns Peter’s all over the details and the stylistic changes. The experience of playing with him has been one of my favorites in my life so far. And the other guys, Kujala, Mag, and Tripp are bringing it hard core too. Fun track! Check it out!