Eternal Cloud Fest!

Dear Attentive Folk Young and Old, it’s a non-stop cloud fest here on the Cali coast! It’s drizzling and it’s July! I’m buttoning down the windows, adhering the rain gear and heading out to visit this July morning. I still love the place though…

The stairs are winding around and they’re wet and it’s July. Heavens!

The stairs are winding around and they’re wet and it’s July. Heavens!

Hey, have you ever heard of the Milk Carton Kids? Do you like Simon and Garfunkel? I first heard the Milk Carton Kids at the Belly Up opening up for Chris Theile’s Punch Brothers band. The Kids blew me away. Super beautiful songs, killer harmonies and GREAT guitar playing. Not virtuoso, blow the lid of the coffee machine kind of stuff but just flowing folk chords and mini leads. I love their music and that’s what’s playing now as I write. It’s Americana and it’s sweet. Also, these dudes are really funny and that was part of the magic of their show.

Milk Carton Kids

Milk Carton Kids

Our (Leonard and I) new CD is at the duplicating plant and there are rumors that it’ll show up to SpragueLand by the end of the week. It’s a cool one and I’ll let you know when the copies are flowing.


For live music this week, first up is a return visit on Thursday night to the world famous Roxy Restaurant in downtown Encinitas. It’ll be me wielding my favorite Andy Powers guitar, navigating the dangerous sonic waters of solo guitardom. Come and hang with us and jump into some great food and warm north county vibrations.

PS guitaring at a recent house concert. photo by Dwight Harrington

PS guitaring at a recent house concert.
photo by Dwight Harrington

My trio partners in jazz will join me for a cool gig in Mission Valley at the Handlery Hotel on Friday early evening. It’s a free show and I’ve played it once and it’s a great setup for live music. Folks listen and we get to stretch. It’ll be Duncan Moore on drums, young Mack Leighton on upright bass, and me on guitar. See if you can spring out.

And on the final front, helping to spread the word about a cool jazz duo that’s playing a concert at the Athenaeum in La Jolla on 7/9. It’ll be Spiros Exaras and Elio Villafranca, one fellow from Cuba and the other from Greece, sharing their unique music, first time ever in San Diego. I can’t be there as I’m already booked but I did check out their video and they sound really good. Here’s a link to George Varga’s recent UT article about them including the concert location and other details. If you go, let me know what I missed.


Spiros Exaras and Elio Villafranca

That’s the word up until now. Onwards and venture forth good people into the summer drizzle of coastal Cali. (I still love the place)…

adios, Peter

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