Passing the Drum with New Ears!

ey All, I just listened to our 2003 recording Pass The Drum as I’m relearning the music for tomorrow’s concert at the Rancho Bernardo Library. What a pleasant surprise! What happens is as you are making a recording you end up listening to it way more times than you choose […] Read more »

Plugs Blasting Skyward!

ey All, just getting back from Yuma, Arizona and recouping from a multi directional ear episode. It turns out the mix of surfing one day without ear plugs (had an exceptional wipeout that blasted one of the plugs skyward) plus going over the high altitude pass on the outskirts of […] Read more »

Wicked Juxtapositions

riends, starting the morning off with Charlie Parker and Ella blasting live from Carnegie Hall in 1949. This sets up perfectly a story of wicked juxtapositions. My Mom Carol now lives at an assisted living place in Cardiff and it’s one of the best. Great food and believe me, this […] Read more »