Beauty of Traffic!

eya Friends, love this spring day and I’ve been working on the bop details of Bud Powell’s “Dance of the Infidels”. It’s a tricky little ditty and it begs for a decent tempo. Thus, one needs to practice a lot to be able to pull it off live. NYC pianist […] Read more »

Jim Hall’s Love of the Thirteen Flat Nine!

  ood People! Jim Hall is strumming some wild Spanish guitar on a long overlooked (at least in my CD collection) version of “Concerto de Aranjuez”. Thirteen flat nine chords abound and frolic in some sort of twisted progression. I like it and this tracks fills up the air as […] Read more »

Swinging in French!

onjour good friends! Today we had a bunch of cool musos over and they recorded a tune that me and Coronado Pete (’Nado Pete) put together.  Originally it was in English and for today’s version it was translated into French. We had Allison Adams Tucker singing, Joe Amato playing guitar, […] Read more »