Billy Rides Again!

reetings Good People, what an exciting time! I’m listening now to Laura Nyro’s music reimagined by the brilliant pianist and composer Billy Childs and this all from his new CD “Map to the Treasure, Reimagining Laura Nyro”. I’m blown away! It starts out with Renee Fleming and Yo Yo Ma […] Read more »

Atonality Front and Center and Proud of It!

reetings Friends, Sting is singing “When the last ship sails,” it’s the music from his new CD, and it’s sounding good. A collection of sea chanty’s sung against a beautiful backdrop of acoustic instruments and an orchestra with a choir, all hovering on the main deck forty feet above the […] Read more »

Hawaii’s Here!

ood People, hot, hot, hot! No need now to move to Hawaii, Hawaii’s here! I’m loving it and it all helps when you live near the coast, spend most of the time wearing shorts and no shirt, and those times that you’re not doing that you’re floating in the wild […] Read more »