riends! Mister Mozart is filling the house with fluffy little balls of sound bliss. It’s amazing and right now the Andantino section of his Flute and Harp Concerto in C Major has never sounded better with master Rampal at the helm. If you can hunt it down, take if for […] Read more »

Slimmer Than Normal

i Everyone! Good life and a fantastic summer. I’ve been on a surf chasing mode and I’ll make this one slimmer than normal so I can slip back into the wild blue’s magic 70 degree warm curls. Coming up this Friday at Northern Spirits I’m lassoing Leonard and Harley for a […] Read more »

Surround it With Quietude

ey Folks, life is good up here in Leucadia and this morning saxophonist Mark Turner along with guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel are warping the sonic reality in a beautiful way. Their Dharma Days’ gorgeous tones are emanating from the speakers and it makes doing computer busywork even that much better. We had […] Read more »