I’m a Fan, I Need a Fan!

i Everyone! It’s with a good set of circumstances that I converse with you today. First up, Coltrane and McCoy Tyner are supplying the sonic backdrop and I’ve listened to them so much in my life and it’s still not enough. Swinging, modern (I’m listening specifically to Afro Blue Impressions […] Read more »

Eternal Cloud Fest!

ear Attentive Folk Young and Old, it’s a non-stop cloud fest here on the Cali coast! It’s drizzling and it’s July! I’m buttoning down the windows, adhering the rain gear and heading out to visit this July morning. I still love the place though… Hey, have you ever heard of […] Read more »

Striking Twice!

ey Good People, it’s humid, we’ve got thunder, and lightning is striking twice somewhere close. Summer rain, easy on the skin, you don’t have to dodge it when you’re out walking the dog. It’s a rare SoCal happening and I’m full on digging the possibilities of the wettest spot on […] Read more »