Dewey Decimal’s Hidden Music Mecca

ood People, you’d never know it but hidden in those rows of books and periodicals is a ripe environment for creative music making. Silence is the mantra and pair that up with adventurous musos and you’ve got a combo that’ll rival any jazz club. Don’t you just miss those clanking […] Read more »

The Restorative Magic Zzz’s!

ey Gifted Listeners! I’m at it early. Yesterday was packed full of music and lugging gear and I slipped off to sleep for once at a reasonable hour. Good sleep is heaven! Restorative magic doing its thing. I’ve got a semi-free day today and first on the list is to […] Read more »

Chaka’s Hearing Music

ood Folks, Chaka’s hearing music, singing music and I’m drifting back to a 1982 Elektra Records release in which soul and pop vocalist Chaka Khan teams up with Chick Corea, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson and a stellar jazz rhythm section. The album is called Echoes of an Era and it’s […] Read more »