Wild Inventions!

reetings Friends, the other day I got a call from a newspaper fellow seeking answers for 10 questions. Random stuff, not all music related, but a fun spin nevertheless. It’s here: What a joyful time it’s been. I’m back, I’m fixing a few things in the house, tinkering with recording […] Read more »


i Good People, I’m just getting back from the burr factor 12 East Coast and even Tallahassee, Florida was 28 degrees yesterday. The plan now is to switch into a defrostification mode complete with daily surfs and local gigs. Stoked to be back! We played Penn State, Bethlehem PA and […] Read more »

Enhanced Suitcase Situations!

i Good People, I’ve been in the suitcase living mode for the last month. First some quality tropical time in Kauai with my wife Stef and our daughter Kylie—fantastic adventures surfacing at every turn! We took in the Na Pali coast hike, mega 30 foot surf (not me surfing!) with […] Read more »