Sanctuary Suite

olks, greetings from SpragueLand. Off and running… Some good news floating in through the supreme algorithm of the sky. Vocalist and songwriter Nina Francis makes the cover of the SD Troubadour! You may know her through concerts that we’ve played together over the years or maybe through her own shows […] Read more »

Band Punch!

ood People, so this idea of being able to magically push a button and fix things that aren’t right, it’s downright appealing. I’ve been working on the railroad (studio) a lot lately and we have this thing, the song is cooking along, all is happy, getting near the end of […] Read more »

Until a Computer Can Hallucinate

i Friends, I’m back from Japan! It was a wonderful trip with fantastic music, a killer venue, creative and funny friends, and mysterious food items with labels in cryptic Japanese that left this vegetarian connoisseur in near total confusion. Needless to say I lost a few pounds on this trip. […] Read more »