Immune System Up to 11!

ear Good People, a few things: The world is green right now in SoCal and there’s more rain coming! My back yard looks like we’re living in Ireland. Award season everywhere is upon us, even for us local musos here in SD. A normal lay person can’t vote for the Grammy’s […] Read more »

Get the 1099’s Done and Start Up the Music!

alutations Good People! Earth soaked SoCal and thrilled about it—keep the water dropping from the sky… Mozart’s the man today on the sound system as I draw conclusions, organize, look to the future, hammer into the details of the moment—your basic afternoon of attending to the music business. Don’t love […] Read more »

A Crazy Mini Hit and Run!

riends, a new year, new plans to play the guitar, new tunes to write and learn, new friends to make. Hope to see you out there for live music in the brave new world! I’m playing a solo show at the Roxy on Wednesday night. During the holidays I’ve been […] Read more »