Tune Up That Guitar!

riends, I write to you and I’m all bundled up with my little Rocky doggie inside my jacket. He too is hunting for warmth on this crispy cold Cali morning!  My hand is returning to normal and I’m back to playing the guitar. It’s so nice that when you do […] Read more »

The Purple Hand Edition

ey It’s Me! I’ve been under the radar and kind of loving it. Experiencing life at a slightly toned down pace.  Here’s why… Last week I had a procedure done on my hand to straighten out my two smaller fingers. I planned this out six months ago, needing to find […] Read more »

Waveforms In and Out of the Water!

reetings Friends! It’s been a wonderful music/surf week with big blue ocean waveforms and invisible sonic artifacts floating into happy listener ears. What a way to live a life! Up for tomorrow night, it’s a Roxy solo guitar hit! Last week went well with a good set of listeners and the […] Read more »