Maxing the Odometer!

riends, it’s looking to be a driving week over here at SpragueLand. Actually a rehearse, gig, drive, drive some more and then sleep week. Rehearse today, drive to L.A. for a private gig tonight, drive back, rehearse tomorrow, Thursday record, Friday drive to L.A. again for the LACCMA concert, Saturday […] Read more »

Blasting From Warsaw!

ola! Metheny music blasting from Warsaw! You ever heard the recording Upojenie? It’s a wonderful collaboration by Pat Metheny and Anna Maria Jopek. It’s working wonders lifting the clouds over here on the coast. Last week we had a fun hit at Dizzy’s focusing in on the spirit and music […] Read more »

The Reed Goes on the Bottom!

i Folks, it’s a Sunday beyond belief! Simon and Garfunkel singing about “Cecilia”, the sun dancing around the sky—a nice spring combo setting it up for the upcoming week. On Tuesday we honor one of the original SD jazz men, Joe Marillo. Joe recently passed away and he played a […] Read more »