Life on the Sand with a Zillion College Kids!

riends, smooth Brazilian music flowing out of the speakers now filling the air with lush harmony and subtle syncopation. Cello and voice, the Morelenbaum’s from Brazil, good company to keep and setting up this morning perfectly. We’ve been living the good life on the beach in Oceanside for the last […] Read more »

Evacuate the House!

ood on ‘ya folks, writing from the end of the day at SpragueLand. I’ve been in the studio (surfing early in the morning) for hours and now I’m running off to dinner. Just thought I’d get the word out about this week’s live performances. I’ve got relatives in the area visiting from […] Read more »

Tale of the Torque!

i Friends, stripped bolts, power supply mayhem, torque screws, hard drive raid run rampant, complex computer alliterations, it’s all going on over here at SpragueLand. It’s been an iron out tech few days and sometimes that’s the price you pay to run your own recording studio. Reluctantly you put the […] Read more »