ood People, I’m back from a great trip to Denver and now it’s about learning some new music from vocalist Alicia Olatuja. We’re playing a hit at the Loft (at UCSD) on Thursday night. Alicia is an amazing vocalist! We’ve both been doing a fair amount of touring this last year […] Read more »

Six String Liverpoolian Harmony!

reetings Gifted Folks, the word on the street over here in Leucadia is you got to get your life into buying love in the sky with diamonds coming together with my dear Martha here there and everywhere, oh darlin’ within without you while my guitar gently weeps as you aquire […] Read more »

Radical Red Tape!

i Good People, the red tape of modern living is overtaking me at the moment. The sun is out, there’s a little surf, yet the merchants of details beckons at the door. Thus, a short gig email is how it’ll unravel today. It’s a good life always, and it’s great to […] Read more »