Working the Blur Palette!

ello Friends, the revolution continues! We had a killer Blur hit at Grossmont College with Fred blowing my mind with a jazz vocal synth patch over the blues. Tripp was on fire with a blues infusion on “With a Little Help” and Scott on percussion added a magic color to the […] Read more »

Supreme Hiccup Grooves!

reetings Gifted Friends! I’m in the last stages of the new Peter/Leonard recording project and we’re loving the ride. The music is flowing and we’re forging some new sonic territory. The loop machine is in there creating havoc, distorting when it’s not supposed to, documenting hiccup grooves, all of it […] Read more »

The S&S Influence

antastic Folks! Coming to you with the influence of saltwater and sun and it’s a nice way to welcome the new week. Mini surf but pure magic down there nevertheless. What a place to live and call home! Leonard and I played the Solterra Winery last eve and it was […] Read more »