The Flow Chart Waltz!

reetings Good Folks, the flow chart of my current balance on planet earth includes freeway doc visits all the way to Chula Vista, podcasts to save the day, tracking solo guitar music in the studio including a twisted version of Lucy in the Sky, killer gig in Point Loma last […] Read more »

The Beach Guitar Rides Again!

i Friends, it’s vacation time over here at SpragueLand and we’re jamming at the beach. Essential items—sunscreen, surfboard, bathing suit, and beach guitar. Landing back on earth at the end of the week, our music is happening on Friday at the Handlery Hotel with vocalist Lizzi Trumbore leading the group. […] Read more »

Glow Basking!

reetings Friends! This week we’re playing some private events around town and YES, Leonard and I are taking the music public on Friday. It’ll be Ki’s Restaurant for a night of basking in the glow of the Cardiff sunset set to a gentle folk ballad morphing over to a psychedelic version of The […] Read more »