Band Punch!

ood People, so this idea of being able to magically push a button and fix things that aren’t right, it’s downright appealing. I’ve been working on the railroad (studio) a lot lately and we have this thing, the song is cooking along, all is happy, getting near the end of […] Read more »

Until a Computer Can Hallucinate

i Friends, I’m back from Japan! It was a wonderful trip with fantastic music, a killer venue, creative and funny friends, and mysterious food items with labels in cryptic Japanese that left this vegetarian connoisseur in near total confusion. Needless to say I lost a few pounds on this trip. […] Read more »

Cabin Pressure Boogaloo!

reetings, stuffed up and blowing my nose — the common cold that continues to hang on. Yep, it’s my turn and it takes a little sparkle out of life. Going through it and hoping to be out of the woods before Japan. That’s a long flight with cabin pressure dancing […] Read more »