Coltrane for Balance!

  ey Good Folks, I hope like me you’re experiencing the elevated feelings of springtime — sun, warmth, flower crazy lengthening days, concerts moving to the outdoors. And shall we not forget the little ocean swell running in the pacific, setting up daily excursions of walking on water. Cowabunga! On […] Read more »

We’re on the Desert Run!

  olid Folks of SoCal! Both Leonard and I are on the run this week. First up, once again, the desert! Tonight we play a show at the Coachella Valley Rep Theatre in Rancho Mirage. Duo spin in a good acoustic and listening setup! And then tomorrow, Wednesday evening, we’ll […] Read more »

7 Minutes and 47 Seconds

  ood People! Metheny is twanging in the key of G and it’s good. Have you heard the tune “The Fields, the Sky”? Oh my, it’s a brilliant way to spend 7 minutes and 47 seconds of your life! First off it’s just him with bass and caxixi shakers and […] Read more »