Jazz Politics in Washington!

i Good People, I’m coming to you from rainy Portland. Stef and I are on a getaway to check in with our daughter Kylie. She lives up here and is loving it. There’s a lot to love about Oregon—an abundance of natural beauty, trees forever, clean air, clever food spots […] Read more »

Zip Lining Through Fremont 

riends! I’m back from a wild ride in Crazy Town! I joined the circus for a concert at Chapman College in Orange with Dianne Reeves and the band and from there we boarded an early morning flight to the mecca of madness—Las Vegas! We stayed at the Gold Diggers or […] Read more »

A Potentially Painless Adventure North

riends, I’m zipping off tomorrow to join the mini tour with vocalist Dianne Reeves and her band of amazing musos! First stop is Chapman University in Orange, CA. Hey, that’s an hour from here so if you’re thinking you’d like to hear us, you could semi painlessly venture out and […] Read more »