Can’t Buy Me Rain!

reetings Good People, it’s raining in SoCal and the Encinitas foliage consortium is digging the H20! Me too, I’ve been staying dry in the main room at SpragueLand exploring the inner workings of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” I documented it on video and thought I’d share it around. Turns out […] Read more »

Tax Exempt Above the Coronado Bridge!

reetings Beautiful People! It’s with frozen and currently thawing out fingers that I write you. This morning the incessant wind was taking a rest and this lured me out to the grey ocean for some wave riding and mind cobweb cleaning. Super fun always and it’s the best way to […] Read more »

Lining Up With Holiday Vacations!

ey Everyone, it’s a song mill over here, churning out arrangements left and right. We’ve got a concert next week called Bossa Nova and it’s my job to put a little music magic into some already magical tunes. It’s Jobim and Chick Corea and I’ve even unearthed a tune of […] Read more »