Bar Noise Floor!

i Good People! Short words, slim gig week, mini travels… On Wednesday night I’m back at the Roxy. The 2nd set is the best with the bar noise floor eased up some. You can actually hear the guitar for a change! And Friday I zip to Denver for a concert […] Read more »

Tonal Grounding of the Harp!

riends! End ‘o October and there’s a mini chill over here this morning. I’m warming the house with Alice Coltrane’s harp on “Journey in Satchidananda.” Pharaoh Sanders is on tenor and the music could easily head completely out but it hovers in eastern bliss tonality with the magnetism of the […] Read more »

Night Eyes!

ey Friends, life is good over here at studio central and in between pushing buttons and directing traffic I managed to pen a few sonic ditties. It turns out we’ve got a hit scheduled for tomorrow (with Mack and Duncan) and the idea of guitar trio sparked a little creative […] Read more »