Vehicle Ascension!

olks, we had a wonderful run of LA, Palm Springs, Idyllwild, downtown SD, and Rancho Santa Fe a week or so back! Good music everywhere plus enthused and slightly inebriated fans at the inner city, magic burritos at the Indian Reservation on the outskirts of Palm Springs, a vehicle ascension […] Read more »

Maxing the Odometer!

riends, it’s looking to be a driving week over here at SpragueLand. Actually a rehearse, gig, drive, drive some more and then sleep week. Rehearse today, drive to L.A. for a private gig tonight, drive back, rehearse tomorrow, Thursday record, Friday drive to L.A. again for the LACCMA concert, Saturday […] Read more »

Blasting From Warsaw!

ola! Metheny music blasting from Warsaw! You ever heard the recording Upojenie? It’s a wonderful collaboration by Pat Metheny and Anna Maria Jopek. It’s working wonders lifting the clouds over here on the coast. Last week we had a fun hit at Dizzy’s focusing in on the spirit and music […] Read more »