Ocean In Your Eyes

reetings Good Folks, riffing your way via the alphabet with Bob Dylan’s “New Morning” filling the airwaves. Have you heard this tune? Can’t you hear that rooster crowing ? Rabbit running down across the road Underneath the bridge where the water flows through  So happy just to see you smile  […] Read more »

The Kink Factor of Gila Bend

riends, I’m up early after a late night studio session with the Danny Green trio ripping it up! Odd meters, samba, frevo, and killing Brazilian influence. Look for it when it surfaces a couple of months out. The endless desert drive featuring the kinky place where time stopped - Gila Bend, […] Read more »

Mount Rainier’s Snowy Spring Break!

eya, I thought spring break for college kids was all about darting to the warmth of Mexico. Or to take over Palm Springs’ conservative downtown. Or even better, make the pilgrimage to that lake in Arizona where the rules ceased to exist long ago. But check this out, last week […] Read more »