Basic Juggle in Play!

i Good Folks! I’m attempting a quick connect with you all as I’m expected back in the studio in a half an hour. Your basic JUGGLE in play. Gigs, rehearsals, endless email, studio mixing board maneuvers, and lets not forget 7am surf go-outs to help keep the fragile big picture […] Read more »

Summer Scorcher Christmas Songs

reetings Friends! I’m just back from a weekend zip trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Humid, warm, summer scorcher already in place. What a great spot with a charming downtown, fancy restaurants, expansive parks with Farmers Market activity, sidewalk music, and for us, a great outdoor concert. Dianne and the band […] Read more »

The Doppler Effect

riends, here’s a short one ‘cuz life’s heading towards tornado alley. Warm air meeting cool, it’s all part of nature but it still packs a punch. Here’s a good item of note, a couple weeks back I blocked out an afternoon and tuned up my guitar and performed to the […] Read more »