The New Frontier

riends, here’s a recipe for my good day: Crack o’ dawn guitar practice sesh. Morning gray day surf, small waves with cool folks in attendance. Banana, berries, granola, almond milk, and rad tea concoction for vitality. Recording session with a spirited songwriter.  A few phone calls catching up with friends. […] Read more »

The Sprague Sleep Edition

alutations of Goodwill! Today is a chill factor six with generous sleep and listening to Blue Note classic sides. I’ve been going strong for four weeks solid. I went from the Euro trip and back, landed in SD and right away immersed myself into the Rendezvous music rehearsals and concerts. […] Read more »

Summer Zen

riends! Loving the heat of the summer. I know some folks who can’t wait for it all to be over but not me. Warm fingers, quick guitar moves, warm sun, warm ocean. This is summer Zen! We’ve been rehearsing long days prepping my new composition for sonic delivery. Lars, Bridget, […] Read more »