Gettin’ Right To It!

  ood People, today we’re gettin’ right to it! New vids from the Christmas Eve Concert in Del Mar have arrived! Lots of live music coming this week starting off with a free noontime concert in La Jolla at the Athenaeum. It’s on Monday (tomorrow) and it’ll be Tripp and […] Read more »

Traveling the Acoustic Airwaves!

i Good People! New year, new positive prospects, new lease, new options. It’s all looking up, mostly! Hah! I’ve been coughing like a mad man since I last saw you. We left off leading right up until Christmas and we had our big concert. It was so much fun and […] Read more »

Ready the Revolution For Prime Time!

i Friends, it’s a great time to be living and breathing in clean, fresh, (it rained a little a couple of nights ago) air. Also, how wonderful to have a good set of ears to take in music. Grateful, I guess that’s what I’m feeling. The year is bending towards […] Read more »