Hunting Down the Pretty Notes!

olid Friends! Paul Simon’s on the box. Not totally sure about a lot of things but this I know for sure: “I don’t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard” Thanks to him we welcome this hilarious zen truth.  He sure has a way with words and […] Read more »

Christmas Eve Concert 2018

i Beautiful People! I’m just now looking at the weather forecast for Monday and I’m thrilled — 70 degrees and sunny! Perfecto for our annual FREE Christmas eve concert in Del Mar.    It’s a long lasting tradition of ours to present this show which is a mix of great […] Read more »

The Bliss of Ten Thousand Blankets!

i Friends! Big ocean this morning and I’m still thawing out as I write you. Super exciting and if that doesn’t wake you out of the bliss world of ten thousand blankets keeping you cozy and warm, hallelujah! Some cool Germany guitar festival pics just surfaced along with a vid […] Read more »