Tubing in Toronto!

ola Fine Folks, just back from a whirlwind, cross country, go through customs, rent the car, trip to Toronto and back and all I can say is the surf was up on Lake Superior! It was barreling! I’ve got musos coming over in an hour to record so I’ll zip […] Read more »

The Invasion of the Flutes!

reetings! Last week the National Flute Convention took place in San Diego and I got a peripheral buzz from the event. First, a gang of flutists raided the Handlery Hotel gig to check out Bob Sheppard’s gig. He played mostly saxophone but some highlights were his beautiful flute playing and […] Read more »

The Flow Chart Waltz!

reetings Good Folks, the flow chart of my current balance on planet earth includes freeway doc visits all the way to Chula Vista, podcasts to save the day, tracking solo guitar music in the studio including a twisted version of Lucy in the Sky, killer gig in Point Loma last […] Read more »