Lovely Juliette!

ey Surfers! Hurricane Juliette is generating waves (still fairly small but it’s been a lake lately) so it’s all about cutting to the chase, gettin’ right to it, lock and load, get ‘er done. We’d love you to join us for music and soul food on Friday night at Ki’s […] Read more »

A Nuts and Bolts Refrigerator Day

ola! Yesterday Tripp and I made the drive to Laguna Beach and because traffic was light, we ventured along the coast route. We discovered killer Mex food at Taco Surf in Dana Point! Right up our alley with surf vids blaring and mega sized plates of food fit for someone that […] Read more »

Weather in My Head!

roupes! I’m still doing mild R & D on Donald Fagen and a friend turned me on to this cool interview: and that led to exploring his Sunken Condos recording including a funny tune called “Weather in My Head”— a loping minor blues with great horns, sick BB King -ish […] Read more »