A Riot On Wheels!

alutations Fine Folks! So here goes my thinking on freezing hands—adjust the shades and let the sun in even though it’s early and there isn’t much heat coming off. Then, the real solution is put on Joao Gilberto singing “Besame Mucho” and THINK Brasil in the summer. It’s warm, the […] Read more »

Looks Good On Paper!

i Folks, it’s a slightly behind on sleep, Snarky Puppy on the box afternoon and I have a few free moments to catch you up on things. The low on sleep element is because I’m just returning from a tour with the Billy Childs Group and our last few days […] Read more »

Tablas Morphing Towards Ecstasy

reetings Friends of Music, the endless road of video editing continues but happily there are welcomed interludes of surf riding in the wild blue. It clears the brain of accumulated music theory overload. And from there, live guitar playing moments erupt and this again brings the flow towards a balanced […] Read more »