The Purple Hand Edition

ey It’s Me! I’ve been under the radar and kind of loving it. Experiencing life at a slightly toned down pace.  Here’s why… Last week I had a procedure done on my hand to straighten out my two smaller fingers. I planned this out six months ago, needing to find […] Read more »

Waveforms In and Out of the Water!

reetings Friends! It’s been a wonderful music/surf week with big blue ocean waveforms and invisible sonic artifacts floating into happy listener ears. What a way to live a life! Up for tomorrow night, it’s a Roxy solo guitar hit! Last week went well with a good set of listeners and the […] Read more »

Mile High!

riends, just back from Denver and some sweet music with Alicia Olatuja and the band! Mile high jazz! It’s a busy guitar slinger week starting tonight, solo guitar music at the Roxy. Downbeat is at 7pm. Tomorrow night we veer the cars north and land in Temecula at the fabulous […] Read more »