Atonality Front and Center and Proud of It!

Greetings Friends, Sting is singing “When the last ship sails,” it’s the music from his new CD, and it’s sounding good. A collection of sea chanty’s sung against a beautiful backdrop of acoustic instruments and an orchestra with a choir, all hovering on the main deck forty feet above the undulating wild blue. Ancient morphed into modern day surf music. I’m a believer!StingIn another chapter of believing in blue water, wow, the surf is up and going wild. I’ve been taking in large doses of the salt magic. Summer’s still cooking!

Last week Geoffrey Keezer and I weaved through the LA heat to find our way into Santa Monica for a sizzling night of friends, music, food and celebrating vocalist Denise Donatelli’s wedding. What a great hang and it wasn’t your garden variety affair where the ongoing mantra is, “can you turn the band down”. Heaven’s no, the atonality was front and center and proud of it! Big fun!

Celebrating marriage and atonality with Walter Rodriguez, Larry Koonse, Hamilton Price, and Peter

Celebrating marriage and atonality with the band including (left to right) Walter Rodriguez, Larry Koonse, Hamilton Price, and Peter

A month back we had a great ride at the Idyllwild Jazz Fest and this video clip of us scooting through “India Zach” just surfaced. It’s pretty cool and Pam’s viola solo is fantastic. Viola on fire!


Coming up for this week on Friday we’re pulling together our long standing quartet with Tripp on sax, flute, and harmonica, Gunnar on bass, Duncan on drums and me on the guitar to play a night of music at the new Croce’s in San Diego. I haven’t played there yet and the word is out that it’s a great sounding room and a fantastic place to hear music. Stoke and I’m thrilled to get the group together and take the music for a ride. I hope you can join us!

Quartet music heading to Croce's with Tripp, Peter, Gunnar, and Duncan

Quartet music heading to Croce’s with Tripp, Peter, Gunnar, and Duncan

I got a last minute call to play a set at the Carlsbad Music Festival on Sunday and it’ll be me playing solo starting at 2:10pm for one set. It’s a listening setup so it should be good. See you there!

The last hit of the week comes on Monday night for a house concert in Cardiff at John St. Claire’s abode. He has it setup in the living room with a stage with great sound. For this night of music the theme is meditation music. John will play gongs and various atmospherical instruments and I’ll improvise with my guitar and magic boxes of sound. And you, the listener, will be lying on one of the soft mats and taking a spin through your mind all the while enveloped in soothing sounds. Should be wild!

cosmic peter2

Meditation music with Peter.

A gig I wish I could attend but won’t be able too because I’ve got a studio session is on September 23rd in Temecula featuring the Kornel Fekete-Kovacs & Modern Art Orchestra. Kornel is a trumpet player and composer of the highest order hailing from Budapest. A few years back we had the chance to play a couple of gigs and this fellow has it going on. He gave me his CD of his orchestral music and I’m blown away, beautiful and unique. I love it!

Here’s the link for this concert and if you can pull it off, it should be an amazing night of music:

Kornel and his orchestra.

Kornel and his orchestra.

There it is good people, thanks for listening and hope to see you out there.
adios, Peter